LF more reliable raiders!

About Us:
Wreckless Lvl 25 is a fairly young guild (celebrating our one year anniversary come mid October) who wishes to make a lasting impression to everyone in Proudmoore. We have one main core group who currently raid 10m content.And are currently doing hm DS 4/8. We are always looking for new raiders to join and continue to have fun. Apply and discover what you have been missing all of Cataclysm.Our raid environment is fun, no Drama. and respectful.

Flasks and food will be provided for those on trial. Once you become a core raider of this guild you will be provided with free gear repairs, flasks and food as well as enchants.

The Applicant:
Every applicant will go through a 2-week trial period before becoming a core raider. Trial members should make all raids and come prepared to handle role-specific directives. We ask that all applicants be 18+ (a mature attitude is required while raiding). We also require you to have ventrilo and a working headset with a microphone. We understand that real life issues arise, sometimes at unpredicted times, but we ask that you be able to attend the full 4 hours that we raid each night. We ask that each applicant understand their class and role and are able to pay attention to details and be both physically and mentally present when raiding. Input is welcome from all members on strategies.

Our Raiding Schedule (server time):
Friday 6p-10p
Saturday 6p-10p
Sunday 6-10 (tentative raid night if a day is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances)Our Current Needs:

We are currently looking for a core raid healer for DS content. (Druid,Shammy). Aswell as 1 Dps. Pref Lock/War.These are core spots that we are needing to fill.

We ask that everyone apply at http://Wrecklessgl.guildlaunch.com After applying, please allow a few days for the Officer’s to review the application and we will be in contact with you.

Any questions please send an in-game mail or wisp Kalissaa or Lissaa..or Feldsparx,or Abreana. Ty =D
You guys are cool. I really enjoyed raiding with you guys a few weeks back. If my schedule permitted me more time I would without at doubt join them.

I encourage anyone who is looking for a friendly and effective place to raid. =)
Ty Amp! We enjoyed having you join us. Always a pleasure to raid with respectful,Friendly ppl!
kalissaa has s sexy voice.
true story.
Lol! Well ty Noc. =D
I'll bump ya, you seem nice :)
i think the better question is who wouldn't wanna bump her? ;)

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