How-to Channel for Kael'thas + mount/bag solo


I finally decided to solo Malygos last night and I was surprised how easy it was, until the cyclone phase where my pet despawned and after being resummoned my turtle would not allow me to misdirect to it.

Because of this I had to really slow down my DPS and made the adds phase a pain.

Is there a trick to make MD not bug out on me or did I just have a bad night?

I did finally downed the boss but would anyone happen to have any suggestions to make the pet not bug out?

I will have a solo video with most detail information about Malygos and Kael.

For Maly, make sure before air phase starts, that you and your pet is in the very exact middle of the platform. This will prevent despawn. When Maly lands, step away from the boss, Disengage and Feint Death after you see your pet respawn.

Steve, love your guides.
Have you ever tried using 2pc T5 for the ease of pet tanking?
Steve, love your guides.
Have you ever tried using 2pc T5 for the ease of pet tanking?

imo, the health loss is just too substantial at this point to consider using gear that old. You'll lose 1k stamina going from T13 gloves/shoulders to T5 gloves/shoulders, which indirectly lowers the power of your Mend Pet and Spirit Bond since both are percentage based, as well as your pets growl-heal. That's completely aside from the obvious huge DPS loss.
Just posted the videos for Onyxia and Malygos, you should definitely check out these encounters if you're new to solo'ing. They're a lot of fun since you still get to take part in all of the original mechanics and have a chance at dropping some fantastic items for transmog as well as some of the most rare flying mounts you'll ever see (or not ... see...)

Onyxia has a 1% chance of dropping the Reins of the Onyxian Drake, as well as the model for our T2 helm and a 100% of dropping a 22 slot bag Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack.

Malygos has a 6% chance to drop the Reins of the Blue Drake, and a 3% chance of dropping Reins of the Azure Drake. As well as a great Polearm model in the Black Ice, which could be our last 2h'er xmog before the slot is removed in MoP.

Happy Hunting! And as always, please don't hesitate to let me know of any questions you might have if something was not explained adequately in the video.
Posted a How-To video for solo'ing Razorgore in Blackwing Lair to open up the rest of it for Tier 2 farming. BWL has some of the best weapon models in the game and is worth a ton of gold, about 1500 in 30 mins.

This fight is only solo'able by hunter and goblins due to the mechanics of Razorgore, so enjoy!
CONGRATULATIONS TO STEVENASH ON FINALLY GETTING THE ASHES!!! If anyone deserved it, its you! Thanks for the great guides! Keep em comin!
What an incredible thread! Thank you for sharing your videos and strategies. I just returned to the game after being away for several years and it's cool to catchup with threads like this. BTW Steevnash, how are you healing your pets during your big fights? Is it just Mend Pet or is ther something else being casted?
tagging this for latter and to find your channel

stuff like this makes me think i might be a better player than i think i really am and really want to try it. I want the ashes mount but when i did it 2 patches ago i could not kill the group of 5 i hope i can do it now with this guide thanks :)

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