We're having a boy!

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My son was born about 2 1/2 months ago. I'll have him sit on my lap while he's not eating and he'll watch me play and smile and make his noises.

Awwwwwwwww! So cute.
Grats. I have a 4 year old and a new addition that came in January :).

Dont expect to both you and your wife to be able to raid at the same time. Even things like running dungeons at the same time can be difficult. 3 and 1/2 months and she is sleeping 7 hours straight threw the night and my wife is thinking about starting to raid with the guild again.

All and all its really dependent on how your baby is because of all the many different ways babies can be.
I just had a boy in Jan (our first) so...CONGRATES!!!!

My wife no longer plays, though we have gotten in some questing on low level character when he is sleeping. I generally just stick to a certain amount of play time when we first put him to bed at night (when he is unlikely to wake up for a while). The weekends I can get in a little more play time.

I would say go in expecting to get very little time to play and you won't be disappointed, but you'll find there is time to advance your characters.

What I have done is just set goals that are mostly solo or small group (old achievements, rep grinds, solo old instances, etc). I try to get in a dungeon on all my 85's (4), but I don't worry if I can't (though thanks to the new HoT's I usually can get them in).
Trust me.....

Stock up on sleep RIGHT NOW......
1. Congratulations.

2. I hope you live somewhere cool, lol. My daughter's birthday is August 6th and I can attest to the fact that it can get a wee bit uncomfortable there towards the end, even when you live somewhere cool-ish (I am in NH).

3. Said daughter is 9 1/2 so WoW wasn't quite out when she was a wee one, BUT I did play other online games at the time. Just make sure to stick to things you can do solo and/or can/be willing to drop immediately when necessary. An upside to having a game as a hobby is if you end up with a child like mine that didn't believe in sleeping more than a few hours at a time until she was two... games can be played in relatively little light (compared to reading a book) and the sound isn't as loud or jarring (compared to tv). I spent many an hour with her in one arm and my keyboard in the other. :)
Congrats! That's so exciting!

I was playing WoW during BC when I was pregnant with my first son. I quit playing a few months before he was born because I expected to be very busy with him. I was right. I could barely put him down for 20 minutes to take a shower without him waking up and wanting to be held or nursed again.

However, I could have held him and played with one hand, or gotten a baby carrier and had both hands free to play and do other things and it would have worked out fine. But I didn't resub for financial reasons until last year, when our second son was about 9 months old.

Now our oldest is 4 and he watches during the few minutes that I log on during the day to work on professions or post auctions. He loves my cat and calls him Alex the Lion (from Madagascar) and wants to know where he is when I fly somewhere. Finally I just told him he's in my pocket lol.

Anyway, most of the playing I do is after the kids are in bed. Then I can focus on doing randoms or quests without interruptions. Plus it's really good stress-relief for me after being home with two crazy boys all day.
First thing is Congratulations on the family addition.

Second enjoy every second you can with him they grow up way to fast.

Finally, My two youngest were born after I started playing. With both I would play with them in my lap. While I wouldn't run instances at the time questing wasn't difficult.

Now my soon to be five year old son will come up when I'm playing one of my Taurens and ask if I'm playing a cow then moo at me.... between asking me if I'm using a shield and a sword. It is actually quite funny. Of course he always wants to be the button guy when my wife is playing as well.

On the other hand my oldest is 20 and also plays when not in school.
And I also agree with the above poster...WoW saved my sanity during nights when my youngest son refused to sleep and we were up at 2 am. I would farm mats while holding him until he fell asleep. It gave me something to focus on and kept me awake.
For some reason OP shows up as a female gnome to me instead of a male gnome
Congratulations! We have three girls, and two were born after we had started playing. We just had to cut back on raiding (well I chose to) while they were very young. But it was cute when I would have one sitting in my lap giggling while I was doing something like profs or questing.

Also, 3 am scream time (our third had bad colic) was mat farming time for me while I held her and rocked. Otherwise, I think I may have gone insane.

Now, they are 7 and 5 and 2...the two year just steals the mouse on me and the other two always ask to either fly around on my carpet or sparkle pony. They also want to know why my character wears a "dress". :)

But cherish every second, it goes by so fast.
04/11/2012 01:27 PMPosted by Yzzami
For some reason OP shows up as a female gnome to me instead of a male gnome

Might have something to do with the fact that Blizzard doesn't make you scan your junk to verify before rolling toons...
04/11/2012 12:48 PMPosted by Jowan
this is totally related to WoW and belongs in the WoW general forums

hes asking about other people who play wow with children and how it works out for them... so yes its related and belongs.
This thread makes me not want to have kids.

Grats to everyone else though :p
04/11/2012 12:48 PMPosted by Jowan
this is totally related to WoW and belongs in the WoW general forums
Five dollars says this moron is the one that caused the OP to have a 'reported' symbol. I hope Blizz looks into this with detail and bans this idiot and a blue post grats the OP haha.
My first son was born December 2006. I remember tanking Karazhan with him zonked out in the chest harness and bombing Halaa while he was in the exer-saucer.
Yeah, your life is freaking over.

Get used to never being able to sleep and constant screaming till you hate your life.
Oh yay Congratulations!

I just had my first baby boy at the beginning of March. Right now my husband can sit with him while he plays- he's more coordinated to do things one handed when it comes to playing. However, I do take over when he raids, since I don't really. We do everything in shifts as well. So I usually do stuff I can walk away from.

On my main I just got Loremaster of Cataclysm. Right now, I'm focusing on Noblegarden to get the mount, but I won't cry if I don't get it.

Then probably either archeology, other loremaster achieves, or mount farming through rep.

You do what you can, when you can. But, do not expect to have both of you raiding until the kid is older and sleeping through the night. We almost have that at 5wks. 5-6 hour stretches. Be patient and congratulations!!
I never even thought about all the farming I could do!! :)

Glad to hear all the stories guys!

Yeah, your life is freaking over.

Get used to never being able to sleep and constant screaming till you hate your life.

I'm sure it will be ok, I'm already use to the constant screaming here! ;)

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