Warlock Complexity and the Magic Number

The reason we see such complexity is because when they constantly 're-tune' they seem to ADD a spell or effect to make up for the shortcomings of another. They band-aid fix large things with multiple small things. The class is dying to spec and spell 'bug bites'.

And I will reiterate somethings I said a while ago: Our pets do TOO much damage, and so we feel like secondhand DPS. We can only get big numbers during very specific situations.
This is exactly why I stopped playing my Warlock, which lead to me playing less overall. Well written and well thought out.
I really have to disagree with the post itself. I enjoyed reading it, but honestly some classes just aren't for you. I think that shadow and flame and chaos and demons will attract a decently large enough playerbase to learn the finer points of warlock dps.

What drove many locks away was improved soul fire and the fact that we are pretty weak in pvp without being precognitive about how we play, which takes a certain kind of person as well as good intuition and experience.

And honestly, these listed rotations are PERFECT rotations. A normal warlock'er can easily leave corruption/not use decimation/use incinerate as a filler with relatively low impact on his/her dps compared to switching up/leaving out abilities in other classes.

There are some rng issues such as impending doom with demo, but tbh its not that bad. All it takes is a minor tweak to each spec to make it more streamlined kind of like ret is getting with inquisition glyph and they will appear to a much wider range of people.

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