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Hello, I am looking for my forever home. I have a 398ilvl PvE Prot Spec and Retribution PvE Spec as well, and am looking to raid elsewhere. My server has died, and well, recruitment for tanks is pretty bitter. So I've finally concluded to move elsewhere, make new friends, and hopefully find 10/25 dudes and gals to call my new friends in the upcoming expansion and this current content.
My schedule is pretty flexible.. during days. I get off of work Monday-Friday (sometimes Saturdays) at 6:30 GMT. that's 5:30 PST, 8:30 EST, and Idk elsewhere. Do the math, haha! I strive to stay up to date with the content, and push as much as I can! I have no lag issues, nor d/c issues either. I'm a competitive sport, and can take as much constructive critisicm as need be. If you have any questions, please feel free to post on this thread, and if you're up to it, post your real ID so we can talk a lot faster!

Thanks! I hope to hear from some awesome guild soon!
Would you be willing to raid Ret? and can you raid late nights? 1-4 EST? if you want to talk hit me up hotwire_11@hotmail.com
dark beginnings on the server blackhand is currently in need of 2 tanks 1 raid healer and a couple range dps our raid times are tuesdays 8pm to 11pm cst (9 to 12 est) friday and saturday 8pm to 11pm cst (9 to 12 est) we would love to have u apart of our 10 man group hit me up at tylerjames80@hotmail.com hopefully our raid times suit u and would like to hear from u and we are 8/8 normal and 1/8 heroic ds for those who are left from the original raid group
Hey there, our second raid core, (10man) 3/8HM is in need of a skilled Prot Pally if you would like to join us. They raid Mondays-Thursdays 6pm-9pm PST - I believe that's 7:30-10:30 GMT. We have a total of three raid cores, in order of progression - 7/8H - 6/8H - 3/8H. This group is badly in need of a skilled tank and as soon as they can get one they'll be pushing heroics in no time, and don't despair, if you prove to be a great raider all flasks, pots, enchants, etc (for raid) are all free! Even crafted's if you need them (we have every pattern available). The raid core is well diversed, and has every single buff except for communion (all 3% damage buffs), and the make-up is extremely viable. I used to raid personally with these guys back when we did 25's, and they all are extremely well-versed players. If you would like to know more please visit our website at www.aftersixraiding.com - or add me to real-id with a note stating who you are.


--Note: We broke into 2 10man's in T12 due to lack of players, and just have stayed that way since.
Heya, add my real ID & i'd love to talk to you, theopportunitylifestyle@hotmail.com , tried making a level 1 on your server to talk, but you wern't on lol.
I want to love you :(

We may have a really good offer for you. We're looking for a person rather than a class, to fill the last spot we have in our raid. A tank. The fact that you're a paladin just is icing on the cake. I read your post and hoped that maybe we could talk in-game sometime about what each side is looking for :)

(We're horde btw!)

Just a few quick things in case you're wondering:
Server: Burning Legion

We want to be #1 on the server, with a 3-day raid schedule of 6:30-10:30 CST on T/W/TH

If you want to talk, just add me :)

Hi PinkTink,

We are looking for a talented and dedicated Prot/Ret Pally for a core spot in our 25man raids.

Raid Times
Tue, Thurs and Sun - 7 to 11 PM PST (server time) (9pm-1am CST).

We run optional H FL for H Rag on Wed for mounts/achievements

Currently, we are 4/8 25 man heroic Dragon Soul and 8/8 H in 10 man.

We are top 25man guild on our server, and we are dedicated to 25man progression.

Our guild has been around since 2006, and we will be around for MoP and beyond.

Check us out at --

Feel free to add our GM (Fayenoor) to real ID friend list (sayantan.bhattacharya@gmail.com ), or our recruitment officer (Tahnaya, tahnayathemage@gmail.com) and have a quick chat anytime about the position.

For your convenience, here's a brief description of our guild.

-----<Who is John Galt?>
- Level 25 Horde 25-man Raiding Guild in US-Suramar (Pacific PvE PST server)

We started raiding in 2006 with Karazhan being our first raid as a guild. We ultimately finished TBC as only the second guild to kill M'uru in Sunwell plateau prenerf. In Wotlk, we achieved the following server firsts:

Server First Light of Dawn - (heroic Lich King 25 kill)
Server First Heroic Halion 25-man.
Server First Heroic Nef 25-Man
Server First Sinestra 25-Man

We are 13/13 Heroic in Tier 11 Cataclysm and 7/7 heroic in Tier 12, and are sitting at 8/8 heroic T13

Loot System:We use EPGP as our loot system. This is a fair attendance based loot system with no rank based biases, which means the more raids you attend, the more loot you will get. If interested contact Fayenoor or Tahnaya in game for more information.
<Victory or Whatever> is a 25 man Alliance raiding guild on the Whisperwind server. We are currently 6/8 H working on the third plate 2nd amalg on spine. Our raid times are Tu-Thurs 7-10 CST. We are looking for a few select players to improve (not fill) our roster for the remainder of this expansion as well as for MOP.

We use loot council to distribute loot with the philosophy that no one person comes before the greater good of the raid. Raiding is a team effort and thus the loot does not belong to the individual but to the raid group. Loot is used to upgrade the group as a whole. We do not play favorites.

On off nights we are still very active. We run firelands to help people finish staffs, we run an alt DS group, we farm old content for mounts/achieves/titles, we level alts, we mess around on beta (have a guild over there too), many of us PvP, etc.

We are currently recruiting:

Ele Shammy
Pally/War Tank
Shammy/Druid heals
Legendary Casters

*If you do not see your class/spec listed do not be discouraged, as I stated earlier we are looking to improve upon our roster and if you perform well we are interested in talking to you! Please note we are not trying to fill our bench, we are looking for core members who can make a difference.*

To apply:
You MUST have a World of Logs parse and a screen shot of your In Combat UI.
*HEALERS READ* You must provide an additional screen shot of your custom buff/debuff settings of your raid frames and how they show up on your frames as well.

Fill out an application at http://wwvow.guildlaunch.com/


Talk to Crimsonlily, Peejay or myself via real id.

Crimsonlily Tabetha@woh.rr.com (Guild Master)
Peejay Colby_1471@hotmail.com (Raid Leader)
Blaze scarfacek1ngofny@yahoo.com (Officer) <----- Me
Hi, I'll leave our info here, add me to real-id, tonyvo111@gmail.com let's talk.

Hello, <Vital> is a level 25 Horde raiding guild on Magtheridon-US. We recently took a break after Firelands to focus on other things in life, but are returning to the game. We are looking to put together a solid guild for future raiding into MoP.

About Us:

We have all played since pre-Wrath, and expect you to be a dedicated, experienced raider as well. We are fun group of players to raid with.

We will be using a Loot Council loot system, as that is what we've done in the past and have had no problems on our side or the other players we raid with's sides. Everything is always handled fairly and logically.

Currently 5/8H after raiding with pugs and flaky guild members (who have been dealt with.) We WILL be 6/8H this week.



What We Are Looking For:

Either a Blood DK or Prot Warrior (6/8h+ experience or 400ilvl = Paid Transfer)

ALL CLASSES. ALL SPECS WELCOME TO CONTACT ME. - We are always looking for the best raiders, and will be starting a group 2. Come be a part of our guild for MoP!!!

Raid Times:
(Times are referring to progression schedule. Raid Times on non-progression will be determined by how quickly and efficiently farm content is handled.)

Sunday - 10pm est - 12:30am est (If needed)
Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 10pm est - 12pm est
Wednesday - OFF
Thursday - 10pm - 12pm est
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 8pm - 12pm est


If you do have any interest, feel free to post here, or add me to real-id (tonyvo111@yahoo.com), and we can chat more. Thanks for reading.

-Theweekday (Co-GM)
Actually,m here's my realID guys., Talk to you in game, I'll be on for a while!

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