Backbreaker Spaulders or 4 Piece Bonus?

Finally got the 397 tier helm tonight which would have given me the 4 piece bonus but right after that I got 403 Backbreaker Spaulders. So what would I benefit most from... Backbreaker Spaulders stat increase or 4 piece bonus?

Backbreaker Spaulders with epic gems gives me the following stat increases:
+51 Armor
+61 Strength
+31 Stamina
+2 Critical Strike
+225 Mastery

4 Piece Bonus
Mortal strike has 13% chance to apply colossus smash effect on your target for 6 seconds.
I'm pretty sure you should keep the shoulders.

However you're gonna want to get the tier chest for the 4 set, because the 4 set is quite good.

Your 4 piece should come from the helm, chest, legs, and gloves. Keep backbreaker Spaulders.
The 4p bonus is a much higher dps increase then the stat upgrades from tier shoulders to spine shoulders.

SO definately keep those spine shoulders in reserve until you can obtain a tier chest token.
Two responses, two different opinions... anyone else care to chime in on this?

Go with the 4pc.
4 piece.

But try and get the 4 piece+use those shoulders eventually.
Two responses, two different opinions... anyone else care to chime in on this?


It was 2 responses that were identical.

Keep the backbreaker shoulders in your bank because you want the 4 piece now. Then when you get your tier chest, get the shoulders back out of your bank.
i still have my 403 backbreakers in bag waiting for a freakin chest token.........oh and i lost 2 weeks in a row to HEROIC CHEST rolls .. SOB we pack warrior heavy on heroics, 2 arms and a tank.
Thanks for all your responses... looks like I'll be going with 4 piece tier set and saving Backbreakers for later. Hey at least I can still use them for my transmog ;)
4 piece.

Get the 4 pc (Helm/Chest/Gloves/Legs) and use BBS as soon as possible, though.

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