Chewnok Battlemaster sale

I run premades everyday (except some weekends depends if GF is around) in the morning till around noon. Once noonish hits (my time) I switch to AV premades and finish my day leading these. I have gotten people quite a few achievements they have needed. I am making this a form of income now because I lead so many premades most of the day I don't have time to farm or be in the AH.

I am willing to take people from this server into the premades and get a few achievements for you. Some will be free, some I am selling. Nothing will be expensive. Going from AB and EoTS perfection for 10k to other ones being 1-5k. Just tell me the one you need and I will make you an offer.

I am on every morning (except weekends) 8 alaska time. Either catch me in game on this toon since I decided not to play my other 4 anymore. You can leave me a comment here and I will get in contact with you.

Had it all along
Disgracin the Basin
Overly Defensive
AB All-StarBound
Bound For Glory
Perfect Storm
Storm Glory
Iron Man
Quick Cap
Save the Day
Frenzied Defender
Resilient Victory
AB Perfection

I have gotten people these achievements and the lesser ones. AV ones I will help you get them for free. I run a lot of AV premades and will make sure you get the ones you want. Blitz is for sale though for 15k. Reason being I have 39 other people in the premade. Maybe six might need it so it will waste a lot of their time. Queing can take 10min and no Hk's which a lot of people are doing the premade for. Some people will leave the premade just to sit out on a blitz because they despise it.

I am very willing to lower prices for people. If I like you I will just take you and get you the achievement for free which I have done for some.

Please be respectful in my thread. I don't mind people saying they are willing to help with achievements or looking to get into these premades for fun. Hope to see you guys getting into some fun PvP
Hey Chewnok I'm looking for "The perfect storm" and "resilient victory" that will complete my Battlemaster title. See you in game!
Bump to the top
Made quite a few sales today. Will be on Saturday around 4 server maybe earlier. Whisper me and I will make some plans with you.
Bump need some gold
Will be running these tomorrow 1230 server time.
Bump for the thread. Chéwnok was able to get me "The perfect storm" and "resilient victory" Battlemaster completed..
Congrats to the new 4 Battlemasters. Ran for a few hours got 4 people battlemaster today. Looking for achievements I sell them :) Only ones I havn't tried has been SotA. Message me ingame for any achievement!
Bump for new buyers. If you do have a lot of Achievements needed I will charge you for the Three hardest ones (25k in all) and rest of the achievements I will help you get for free. I'm just a nice guy like that.
Bump LF more buyers. Running these tomorrow morning

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