What Concerts Have You Been To?

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in random order....
public enemy
lollapalooza 92
lollapalooza 93
lollapalooza 94
(lollapalooza acts in those 3 years : alice in chains, soundgarden, red hot chili peppers, ministry, beastie boys, smashing pumpkins, blah blah blah)
stone temple pilots
U2 zootv tour
method man + redman
roni size
dialated peoples
summer of love 3 times
pantera + slayer
rage against the machine ( 2 times)
matthew good ( 2 times)
radiohead ( 2 times)
a perfect circle
NIN 3 times (fragile tour was the best)
beastie boys (2 times)
jay - z
kid rock
sloan 2 times
mushroom trail
cheryl crow ( llith fair i think, ya she won that argument)
carl cox
chemical brothers
mix master mike

good times good times. dont remember much. my 20's were a complete blur.
Foo Fighters - Purely amazing first concert
Smash Mouth
Melvins and Unsane when they play in NYC next Sunday. Should be a fun time.
For something different, Weird Al was a fun one 8) Lots of costume changes, people went nuts when he came out in the fat suit )

Flogging Molly was fun too. Dave King is a showman and knows how to get the audience going 8)
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I am so Jealous, I would kill to see them.
I just got home from seeing Rammstein at the Nassau Coliseum in NY. Quite possibly one of their best shows yet, and I got tons of video (5GB worth) to prove it.
Eric Clapton (w/ Mark Knopfler) - University of New Orleans, Lakefront Arena - 1990
Electric Light Orchestra - 1981
Rush - 1981
So many I can't remember. The most I've been to is Metallica, whom I've seen 15 times, going back to the And Justice For All tour in 1988.

Funny concert moments: My first concert in 1986 was Van Halen at the Cow Palace on the 5150 tour, there were so many people smoking pot, and the cops ignoring it. I was freaking out, I had no idea that hundreds of people smoking pot = the cops can't arrest them all. Also, when they did their obligatory one Sammy Hagar song, I Can't Drive 55, Sammy was playing on a catwalk waaaay up above the crowd. He took off his red (of course) t-shirt and threw it down into the crowd and it landed about three feet away from me. I reached for it and... about five burly dudes grabbed it and started having a tug-of-war. I was like, ok that's all you, guys!

Type O Negative/Pantera at SJ Event Center, it was the last show of their tour so they were pretty happy. They had a long table up on the side of the stage with a bunch of food on it, TON had done their set and were watching Pantera play. All of a sudden, they get into a food fight with each other, Pantera stops playing, they were all just throwing food at each other and having fun. Eventually Pantera starts playing again and Peter Steele comes out and actually starts sweeping up the stage with a push broom! Then at the end of the song he grabs Phil by around the neck and they both sing the last line of the song into the mic. Hilarious!

Metallica/Kid Rock/Ted Nugent, New Year's Eve 2000 in Detroit, before Metallica came on, they were spotlighting girls in the crowd and they were flashing their boobies, they spotlighted one girl who pulled her shirt up, then her, ahem, heavier friend next to her started to pull up her top, and people started booing. A dude next to me goes, "Damn, how could you boo a pair of !@#$%^s?" I high-fived him.

Metallica headlining Day On the Green at Oakland Coliseum, first everyone started throwing the crushed paper cups that were all over the ground into the air, there were so many flying around at any second it looked like it was snowing. Then people started ripping up the outfield grass and tossing it in the air. It was awesome, but I was thinking, "Hey, the A's made it into the playoffs (that year), they're going to need that grass!"
Steve Miller Band
Papa Roach
Pat Benatar
The Romantics
Electric Six
Foetus (x3) aka J. G. Thirlwell (he does the music for Venture Brothers)
Nick Cave (x2)
Einsturzende Neubauten (Chris and Cosey opened for them)
Julian Cope
MDC (x2)
Henry Rollins (x3)
Bad Brains (x3)
The Fall
Sonic Youth/Naked Raygun
Big Black
Black Flag
Circle Jerks
And the Ramones over and over. Though, I never went to see them after they kicked DeeDee.
Nina Hagen
Siouxsie and the Banshees
David Bowie
And, I hate to admit it, Duran Duran in 1983 :)
I kinda tried to go from the present back, and I'm sure I've forgotten a bunch.
Rush x2
Dream Theater, been too poor to afford concert tickets most of my life, trying to fix that now :D
Red Hot Chillie Peppers / Stone Temple Pilots
Method / Red
System of a Down
Linkin Park
311 (twice)
Tom Petty
Warped Tour twice (Green Day, AFI, Dropkick Murphies, Long Beach Dub All Stars (GOT TO PET LOU DOG! <3), Bad Religion, NoFX, Pennywise...idk alot more there too)
Smashing Pumpkins (AMAZING)
idk theres more but those are the best imo, and mostly head-liners.
Emperor (got to meet them, real awesome guys)
Black Sabbath
Marilyn Manson
Santana (Clapton did a song with him, was great)
Iced Earth
Static X
Morbid Angel

I think the last bands that I must see before I die that I havent yet is Blind Guardian and Amon Amarth.

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