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It was folly to even start arguing against them in the first place.

Rage is indeed "in" and is present strictly on the side of this weird gang of dev bashers because it's the only thing they have left when their totally nonsensical lies and slander are waved away simply by quoting the very interview they suddenly went on a crusade against.

However, the unfortunate part is that it isn't just this particular crusade but a general attitude of "the devs are morons, we know everything better" that makes things so cynical and disgusting.

I myself can't stand Thrall, for instance, and I let that be known when the topic comes up. I have plenty of other things I dislike about lore progression such as blood elves being reassociated with the Light and so forth. Yet those are all just opinions that have their place and time to discuss. At the end of the day, I wouldn't be playing and reading Warcraft if I didn't enjoy the overall fantasy world and product it provides.

Why anyone bothers to go on these hate campaigns is beyond me. I only started speaking out majorly against this whole movement when the slander against that particular interview came up because the nonsense had crossed a line. Yet there doesn't appear to be any point in trying to oppose it. Might as well let the rage run its course.

Ohh please. This is far from a hate campaign, you label everything you don't agree with as wrong, purposely try and prop up your arguments with loaded terms, and frankly, its pathetic.

We may be upset with the lore, but your upset with people for not liking the lore. That's kinda silly dude.

We have posted constructively. We have posted politely. We have posted fairly. We have posted over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over. Long before the "alliance- horde" stuff became a hot spot in general.

Every single time it gets addressed, the wrong thing gets addressed. Fargo's blog. Various interviews.

The Humans and friends and Orcs and friends comments and sentiments have been going on for a long time. Whats shown in game matches what we interpreted the interview to say. As I keep saying, fine. They don't feel that way? Then show it. As the blues themselves have said, saying it is just words.

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