Anyone watch Trailer Park Boys?

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If so, favorite episode?
Anyone with Conky.
Is that so, Patrick Swayze?
I'm having desires to buy a black t-shirt.
I got a gray kitty, white one, and a tabby, too.
And a big orange guy who puts snakes in my shoes.
Mad MC skillz leave ya struck,
And I roll with my kitties, 'cause I'm hard as f**k.

I'm down with Plato and Socrates,
and I like to get busy with all the ladies.
Ugh, somethin' somethin' somethin' somethin'.
Up in my shed, up in my shed.
"It's a samsquanch Ricky and theres one right outide my f****n' door!"
<---------- What do you think?
Love TPB, looking forward to the new movie coming out later this year!

Favorite episode? The Green Bastard!
I live about 30 mins away where they used to tape that show!
Flames Golfing everywhere, there was nothing i could do, flames were golfing.
"It's a samsquanch Ricky and theres one right outide my f****n' door!"

this, when they beat up julian and eachother with baseball that or the one with Mr Steve French

Canada sucks, for many reasons, but 1 of them is that the greatness of this show is not nationally recognized-we'd rather idolize unoriginal horse!@#$....though i realize this is an issue more of the world society as a whole and not just us up here in the Great White North so....pbbt
04/13/2012 10:20 AMPosted by Nadroir
Anyone with Conky.

Ohhh my Julian, my handsome Julian Patrick Swayze you were so !@#$in' sexy in Road House and %^-*in' Dirty Dancing.
"Trevor, lets go smokes"
Making me hungry for some dirty burgers. I saw them in concert a year and a half ago in St Louis. Awesome show. Conky FTW
01/29/2013 05:46 PMPosted by Vayon
Making me hungry for some dirty burgers.

And a bottle of Ray's Good Liquor. "It's a dirty sassy sassy."
Whenever Ricky calls raccoons "rakens".

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