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If your a resto druid pop tree form as a distraction so everyone targets you, spam regrowth, and then shadowmeld
[F. any healer type will take the flag at this point in order to save the game if given the opportunity (although this is only if no one else grabs the flag) "a healer is only as good as his/her team."]

thats a lie more like... "a teams only as good as their healer"
If you want to know how to be a good pvper... all it takes is to know your class... know other class's... if you know your class and other class's you will know how to counter dif things... timing is key... fav quote i have ever heard "you see that thing in the white in the back throwing white !@#$ at people... its called a healer kill it..."
I love this now people wont have to be told wat to do every BG!! if they even read this stuff :<
Everyone should read this. Everyone.
Great advise with the Holy Nova. In addition, in WSG or TP, I try to stay in front of my FC so that I can pick up incoming attackers (either as a direct target since people love to kill healers or I drop a fear bomb [Psychic Scream]) or so that I can pull the FC forward with Leap of Faith.

when i am defending a flag in AB or gilneas and i'm alone. I call out the inc. i stand near the flag, i drop magma totem and i hit everything. use all my defensive cooldowns as often as they are available and try to keep the oncomer's off the flag until back up arrives, even if it means my certain doom.
2. Stay NEAR the flag. If you are the only person defending a node and you get smokebombed and ring of frosted together and you aren't inside the ring, you are done for.

When I heal in flag capping bg's, I stay near the flag and tell people if they want heals, don't get out of my range.
[F. any healer type will take the flag at this point in order to save the game if given the opportunity (although this is only if no one else grabs the flag) "a healer is only as good as his/her team."]

thats a lie more like... "a teams only as good as their healer"
haha truth... i was delirious when i wrote this ><
Fighting on the flag is the most important. Who cares if somebody is 60 yards away from you trying to taunt you away from the flag, let them. If you think you are going to have trouble soon, call for help as soon as you suspect something or you don't think you can handle it. If you are by yourself fighting at the flag, always call that you are in a fight with somebody because most likely there is a steathy waiting to ninja the flag.

Be aware of sap caps. Meaning, when I sap you, I can take the flag right in front of you and you can't do a thing about it. Even if you trinket, I have a blind ready to use. Always be aware of whats going on around you. Know where the BG buffs are (Berserker, Regen and speed boots). Keep an eye on them, if they disappear, you have a stealther there and call it out.

Don't ever make a healer stay alone to guard a flag. It is a waste of an asset. They need to be with the main group.

Don't get lured away from the flag

If you are a pet class guarding the flag use the Move To to park your pet near the flag

Pressure Blizzard to fix the 'Cap Flag from Stealth' visual bugs, or require the stealther to manually un-stealth before they can begin capping the flag.

If you are a stealther protecting the flag do not stealth within AE range of the stuff attackers will use to try and knock you out of stealth.
Alliance has a problem with the dropping the flag in base ,when they have drop it.It takes up to 15 secs to drop and this has been going on for!!! 8 months now!!!!.. Have put in a lot of tickets about it ,but still happens...Horde have no problems with this,have lost alot of games over this,WSG..Any how just thought i would but this in, as nothing seems to get though..
One more thing that hasn't been metioned much is the attitude a player brings to a BG. Nothing destroys the morale of a group more than some hotshot "Pro PVPer" telling the rest of the group "You all suck" when things aren't going well.

This destroys the sense of being together as a team working toward a common goal, and even worse distracts players from the job at hand. If several players start arguing over who's the worst player in the group, then those players are not contributing, not attacking, and not defending. And I certainly lose the desire to help out anyone telling the group that we suck.

There's good luck and bad luck in BGs. Sometimes the other team is just more experienced or better geared than you, sometimes not. Sometimes constructive criticism and advice can help a situation, but insults and childish whining never do. We ALL make mistakes and we ALL lose sometimes. But we will always do better by acting mature and helping the team, rather than cutting it down and making pointless insulting comments. If there's a problem, a leader will offer a solution, not an accusation.
04/13/2012 01:56 PMPosted by Lunarsoul
Also.... NEVER stand at the edge of the cliff at Lumbermill in AB or on the road to the flag in EoTS! NEVER! ;)

As Lunarsoul stated try not to stand near high places that you can be thrown off into your death. As an Elemental shaman I know all about throwing people off cliffs. Its a great way to get someone off you and quite funny to see happen.
let's also not forget that when u trinket on a rogue they can blind u and have the same outcome.
When someone is trying to Ninja a flag it isn't always about capping it. It can be to delay your team from getting vital points while the flag is being contested. Plus if a Rogue sap/blinds you they can vanish and sap you to keep you from recapping until their buddies get there. So, a relatively poorly geared rogue can keep a node on lock down against a far superior geared player. What I like to do in defense is stand back a bit (as I'm a priest I can easily break a ninja cap with devouring plague) so that its harder for someone to CC me, make it to the flag and then cap it before I trinket or the CC runs out. If I trinket, I'll immediately apply a Devouring Plague, breaking the cap then use SW:P and step back forcing them to move further from the flag in order to CC me for a second attempt. As long as I'm not CCed, they can't ninja the flag. (obviously) in AB at the LM I'll hit terrorize after breaking the cap attempt them MC them off the ledge. This buys valuable time to get assistance if needed. If not it still delays their second attempt. I am talking about random bgs and not RBGs, so these ninjas are uncoordinated and usually are easily angered so you can expect a failed attempt to result in a return. Typically I run with a rogue and we like to give the impression of security for a capper so they do return. Its good easy HKs and it keeps them from trying to cap against less experience/coordinated players. What I'm getting at is that we typically leave the rogue stealthed unless I get into trouble. Now as a rogue, I can shadow step and sap a player that is standing on the flag and using AOEs over it. Once they trinket to stop me from capping they are right beside me and are easily blinded (which doesn't share a diminishing return with sap) and the ninja cap carries on unimpeded, followed by vanish. Pet Classes are ideal solo-defenders, because the ninja can't CC both in most cases.
also balance druids can stealth to u then blow u off the ledge also. That one you'll never see coming.
Let me begin by stating that if you are reading this article you are probably most interested in "competitive" battlegrounds, whether that means rated battlegrounds or premade vs premade, or even war games. With those things in mind, let me delve into a few things.
4. HEALERS HEALERS HEALERS this should probably be #1 but healers should always be focus fired first...no point in hitting that DK if the priest behind him is just gonna heal it up.IMO everyone that PVP's should have the addon healers have to die, as soon as a healer starts healing it dings and puts a cross on their health plate.

I strongly disagree with this statement. Most competitive battleground teams run dot cleave nowadays. Rather than kill healers you sit your rogue on their priest (to prevent dispells). You have your warlock and mage lock the holy paladin on his hard casts, and you have your boomkin root/beam the shaman. Within 20 seconds the entire enemy team should be dead. Make sure to spread dot damage and focus fire anything that pops defensive cooldowns. Primary kill targets should always be boomkins, warlocks without a port down, and dks. Cyclone the enemy rogue until DR has ran out to prevent the counter harass.

I usually do flag defense battlegrounds in Arms because of the powerful AOE and berserker rage. I stand right on the flag so I'm never out of position, and if I get sapped or feared I quickly break it and bust out a thunderclap, followed by some sweeping strikes. I target the healers, but not if it gets me out of position to break a cap. Bladestorm if things are getting really crazy. My warrior fear is great to relieve pressure at the flag as well.

Don't do that. Please don't do that. You will lose a flag in an RBG GUARANTEED in 30 seconds. All it takes is a sap , you zerker rage, I blind, you trinket, I vanish. Sap DR is up in 18 seconds and I have the flag 7 seconds later. NEVER stand on top of a flag. You want to be 25-30 yards away. Close enough to heroic leap on, far enough that a sap can not take you close enough for them to right click the flag. Your trinket is your precious.

I currently have 2 2500+ RBG groups, and one of them we run a hunter. A hunter at 2500 you say?! Yes a hunter. For 1 reason. Not to defend (any class with good positioning can defend just fine). Hunters are hands down the BEST "ninja-capper" in the game. Most RBG teams have a warrior anchor. Well a hunter can scatter into a pet stun and the warrior can't do anything. He trinkets the scatter or stun? Boom trap. We have beaten 2700+ RBG teams thanks to quick thinking by our hunter and coordination from our druid + rogue stealth team to take 2 nodes at 1 time in AB or to pull a trinket and rotate who is grabbing the flag.

Now to elaborate on my previous statement of any class can defend. Obviously some classes are naturally talented / played to defend. The obvious would be classes with pets, anyone with an aoe that can persist while they are cc'd, or someone possessing the trinket Foul Gift of the Demond Lord. However, the problem with having a "pet class" anchor a node (with the exception of AB... really 5 nodes on a 10v10 is FAR too many...) is that they are generally needed in a team fight. Go into a 2200+ RBG team fight without a lock? You die. Leave your hunter back to defend and pull up your warrior? Waste of a guaranteed cap. You leave a warrior who understands the basics of defending and positioning and hope that you can catch their rogue/druid, rogue/mage combo being sent to ninja while you are wiping them at waterworks. If you have FGotDL you will pulsate damage even while sheeped, blinded, dragonsbreathed, etc.
Hunters can solo def any node we don't need a second person, just good communication. If you get attacked by a rogue and a feral or any other class just shout for help on skype and use your pet and traps. Remember we have readiness, we can trap two different people at the same time!!
Shamans' magma totem is a great way to AOE flags and stop ninja cappers as well. When I'm defending a flag I make sure to keep a magma totem dropped right on the flag.
Hunter dk healer trio can stop any cap attempt. If it's a blood dk they can even hold it until help arrives if overran by a big inc. But if you don't want to worry about losing a base or flag, put a holy pally and two blood dks on it.

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