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I'm usually the last person to side with Blizzard as, quite frankly, I think the hunter development team might possibly be on crack, but the new system is 100% better than what is currently implemented. Also the people complaining that something needs to be done now: take into account that lfr is a super new concept. It took up until Wrath to make pallies anything other than raid buffers and you're complaining that you want a major loot change in a matter of weeks? The new lfr loot system is honestly the fairest way to go about it.

A. You will no longer be able to trade loot, making the whole "need something I don't actually need just so I can maybe trade it" nonsense no longer happen.

B. This will also narrow the pool of people rolling to almost exclusively people that need the loot. Once you have full lfr gear, there's no reason to go. Unless you really can't cap valor any other way, or you're some weirdo that thinks its fun, or you need os pieces. Either way, there will no longer 5 people rolling on the same token for their one buddy. So, you're chance of winning won't change, BUT all that righteous indignation at losing a piece of gear to someone rolling for his buddy will be gone.

C. Its literally the fairest way to distribute loot, it rolls a 25 sided dice, whoever it lands on gets a piece of loot. It may not be the piece you want, it may get vendored, but you weren't ninjaed. Everyone had exactly the same chance at a piece of loot. No more stacking friends to up your odds.

D. There's supposed to be dailies that you can do in MOP that give you tokens. You can use these tokens on a boss of your choosing to get a second chance at loot. Its a separate roll just for yourself. You may get gold, the item you want, whatever.

Just my two cents, also quit trying to break hunters. (casted ba is retarded)
They're already fixing this in MoP.
Anyone who comes to the forum and complains about not getting gear is just bad. Gear doesnt make players better. QQ's about sub par gear is very funny to me.

Its just as funny to me to see people like yourself QQing about QQers. Get over yourself.
Stop failing, says the fellow who apparently can't earn raid loot without using the raid finder!
Oh man. We have just the solution for you! You're not going to want to miss a word of this: Edited out link, It didn't like the HTML

Ya know so now it's going to feel like the game really hates players when your in a LFR which has a weekly loot lockout despite it feeling like a regular heroic, and just as much encouragement for players to replay it.

So now, there are new problems, The players will feel as if even though they never got a chance to roll they could still be locked out for a week in the LFR for boss loot *which is dumb on quite a few levels* and there isn't even trading option available to those who are completely SOL when it comes to chance and rolls.

This is also followed up by an insanely limiting transmog system, so now, you don't even have a chance to get some weapons even if you setup the entire group up and enter LFR, because you know you, raid teams have to get fights down and pratice and that's what the LFR is isn't it? learning the basics of the raid, and basic gear.

Oh, and lets not forget the fail 'not able to invite a friend' because blizzard devs/GMs can't figure out that the kick system has been highly abused in the wrong ways. *not that some slow player is getting kicked to many times or that players kick to invite friends for a boss* I mean You have douche players who just go out to annoy groups and laugh when you can't kick them and they go out of the way to ruin dungeons knowing you can't do anything, along with such long ticket times, that GM's refuse to do anything, *not that the GM's give decent advice anyways, I had one refer me to WoWhead, when I found that a certain monsters heal was not what the spell icon listed.

"We've looked over the information you've provided in your ticket, and feel that you may be able to find the answer you're looking for on one of our official fansites. Below are some great resources for quest information, gameplay hints, and even some basic help on playing your character: – Wowhead features enormous amounts of user-driven information, through basic game information, comments on database entries and screenshot submissions! The site also features forums, where users can ask questions, discuss important World of Warcraft-related topics, recommend and share favorite addons, and much more. – Wowpedia is a wiki dedicated to cataloging the Warcraft universe (with a focus, though not priority, on World of Warcraft); covering the entire Warcraft series of games, RPG reference books, strategy guides, novels, comics (manga and otherwise), and other sources. "

Great support there, and highly insulting considering what I put in the ticket.So please blizzard, stop failing. Devs, In-Game & forum Customer reps, I don't care how swamped you are, once you start pulling this kind of stuff, and actually care about what your employees do, because they are making you look bad.

Though can imagine why a good chunk of the original team that developed WoW left.
You're right I to believe that bliz is responsible for the actions and trollings of every individual in the game
It really grates that inherently retarded posts like this get 5+ pages and yet witty nonsensical but (IMO) irreverently funny ones such as those i tend to try to post, struggle to make a page.

Boo, I say, Boo.(and a hoo too if you are desperate for tasting tears)
04/13/2012 08:32 PMPosted by Pinkunicorn
Oh man. We have just the solution for you! You're not going to want to miss a word of this
While not as outraged as many in this thread, the attitude of "just wait till the expansion, then it'll be fixed" is really grating on me already, and I've only been back for about 2 weeks.(cataclysm rdruid PvP for instance, but looting disputes through LFR are pretty annoying to boot.)


the part that is TRUELY annoying is that they aren't trying hard enough to implement changes sooner!

We paid a good amount for Cataclysm, and don't we at least deserve the changes to go with the expansion we already paid for?

I hope it's not blizzard's way of saying oh hey we'll just sit back and make MoP more fair, that way maybe players will buy the expansion...

Cmon -_-
Did anyone else's brain hurt trying to read what the OP posted?
Ok you seem to think you have the answers but another tactic these people use is kick other people of same class out of group, they come into raid with their friends and will kick someone for no reason other than the fact that you may get their item.

I feel the kick feature was one of the big down falls in wow, people abuse this feature all the time. I myself am just plain sick of it altogether. you can take your kick feature in and stuff it up Ghostcrawlers crab hole.
Let's talk about how DS is going to be exactly the same as ICC was, even though Blizzard said they wouldn't have a repeat of ICC.

12 bosses in ICC and 1 in RS. ICC current for 12 months.

DS 8 bosses, MoP earliest release going to be July = 8 months.

How is this any different than ICC? ICC also had different loot for 10 and 25 and didn't share lockouts so you can't argue that raid finder makes DS have more content.

I realize I'm replying to a post that's 10 hours old.. but did you even read what you typed?
"How is this any different than ICC?"
Well.. 8 bosses versus 12 bosses.. technically 16 since you can run LFR and normal/heroic. Earliest MoP release is 8 months, according to you. 8 months isn't 12 months.
Sounds completely different to me!
It really grates that inherently retarded posts like this get 5+ pages and yet witty nonsensical but (IMO) irreverently funny ones such as those i tend to try to post, struggle to make a page.

Boo, I say, Boo.(and a hoo too if you are desperate for tasting tears)

ikr. T_T
04/13/2012 05:52 PMPosted by Breadisfunny
try playing a rogue and losing agility daggers to stuff.

Try being anything but a rogue, and having 3 rogue daggers drop... fun stuff
MOP in July? Quit dreaming lool
Blizzard won't ever put 2 new game releases so close to each other.
Not to mention that many zones/features aren't even open for testing yet.
We are still currently paying for the game. It is nothing till it is ingame. I'm sick of wait for MoP when MoP is like half a year away, if not, longer. Cataclysm can be made so much better IF YOU ACTUALLY WORKED ON IT.

I was over in another thread and I thought I felt something. A disturbance in the forums. As if millions of neurons suddenly cried out, and then went *pop*.

I appreciate your fierce opposition to waiting, however waiting is exactly what's called for here. It is highly illogical to ask for an expansion to be revamped at this point in its life, especially when the company in question is currently armpit deep in work on an expansion that may be released later this year.

While I realize that this, and other problems, are an ongoing concern, I feel I must point out that there are also a great many players who actually are willing to wait. There are also some who are indifferent. There are also some who are in an extreme vegetative state after prolonged exposure to beta complaint threads. Some of those continue to post, though we have no idea how.

Your passion is admirable, but your idea is impractical, and in terms of game development, actually a step backward. Blizzard has acknowledged that Cata was not its crowning glory. They are attempting to improve things in MoP.

This particular issue is being addressed, as requested, but I'm afraid all the wishes in the world will not make it happen any sooner than they intend it to be.

Sadly Wrath wasn't their crowning glory and Cata would fix it...

Theres always this little gem;

Will we take steps to adjust hunters if they continue to be weak in Arenas? Yes. This is absolutely a concern of ours. To some extent my reputation is on the line here because I keep trying to assure players that we will make adjustments, and I know you’ll throw it back in my face if we don’t deliver. The game has only been out for a few days though, so it’s just premature to make sweeping changes yet. I realize some knowledgeable hunters are convinced the changes we made were not enough. At the end of the day though, it is us, not the players, who need to make decisions about game design. We will always listen to your feedback when making our decisions though.-GhostcrawlerNov 14, 2008

Cata did not fix hunters as intimated.
Not rolling or rolling you still don't control what kind of item drops.

Scenerio, this is your 10th time doing said instance and yet you got the SAME item for the 10th time. Unless the game auto gives you something that is INDEED an upgrade for you you will still be stuck running the same content ad nauseam until you get what you want.

So, how does their fix actually fix anything?

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