WTS Level 25 Guild [H]

Hey there,

I would like to sell a level 25 guild (HORDE) with 7/8 bank slots and 1030 achievement points.

The old leader of the guild has been inactive for a very long time and before he 'quit' he took out a lot of the guild bank money (well, almost all of it along with some useful enchants).

So me being the most active user in the guild (out of 157 people), I took up being the leader.

There used to be raiding groups and all but they have died out. So selling it sounds more appealing to me then anything else really.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Offer still stands. Just pm in game (That's what everyone seems to be doing).
170K for us-stormreaver

Josecallo1@yahoo.com <---RL i.d
Sent an ingame .. or add me on Rlid adirburke@optusnet.com.au
Guild is sold. Thank you everyone for your replies and in-game whispers!

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