The WoW Factor- Transmog Contest

Area 52
"The WoW Factor is a travelling transmogrification event, moving from realm to realm each weekend, offering prizes and shining the spotlight on the very best outfits. We’ve had cross-realm PvP, dungeons, raids and soon zones… this is cross-realm transmogging!

We’ve named the project ‘The WoW Factor’, as that’s precisely what we’re looking for at the events, cleverly assembled sets which really stand out in the crowd."

What do you guys think about having a transmog contest on A52? i love love LOVE the idea!
gtfo alliance scum
I have 8 different transmog sets

but this is my favorite one :D
@Lightmagii its purdy! i love it
18 sets of gear I'm The Mogfather by default.
My transmog tops everyone
ur a troll therefor u lose by default :P why not get star dagger would look nicer with ur look
Armor is overrated :P
@Denied, you look awesome!
I think it's a great idea
Is there a winner for most likely to be able to sneak into stormwind without stealth? (If I wasn't 2 times larger than any human >.<)
Thanks for the thread BTW since its how i got my new name. I love my new name and everyone i know agrees with it lol but if someone does want to do this i would be more than happy to be a judge :D
Not sure how i end up here but...
Sounds cool, should try horde side for one of these.

Seeing how it seems to be alliance heavy, and all...
05/05/2012 05:51 PMPosted by Avandria
Seeing how it seems to be alliance heavy, and all...

They would be quickly disappointed if they tried to do an alliance-sided show here lol...

"Why are only 4 people here? :("

Of course, no disrespect to the allies that play here, all 10 of you :P
na, im cool with them doing a horde side show! would still be awesome!
I've seen some pretty awesome transmogged allies, especially you, Kaylena. Even though there aren't very many allies on this server, I don't see why it couldn't be both horde and alliance. With a panel of judges made up of both factions. Just have them in vent together
This sounds like an awesome idea actually.

It would legitimacy to when I ask others what they are wearing.
In all seriousness, hopefully you guys can get something going. I'd definitely be down for this. Although I'd be bringing my 'Farmer Joe' xmog set :p This one I have now is just something I was playing around with while waiting on our raid to start

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