[H]<Availionic Ascendants> 6/8H Lf Dps

Bleeding Hollow
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Looking for exceptional players, apply at www.availionicascendants.com we raid T/W/Th 9pm-1230 EST DS25 man.

My realID is michaelz473@yahoo.com if you would like to chat.
We're coming soon baby! Gonna take it by storm!
Let's do it baby! This server looks much better then Argent Fail
Players looking for a new 25m raiding environment to get it done. Hit up castein or myself.

Rl id is slacker247@comcast.net or ingame mail me on angelmichael
Hows it going warmmanger.
Seriously after some good dps before Tuesday, hit me up. We are going to be a power house here.
Warmmanger sucks. Oh and welcome.
Welcome to the server!
Thanks dudes. Looking forward to being able to actually raid and maybe grab a pug if someone misses. Argent Dawn was dead.
Bump still need two Ranged DPS and possibly a Melee DPS
Bump absolutely full on melee, need ranged.
04/16/2012 04:44 PMPosted by Castein
Bump absolutely full on melee, need ranged.
04/17/2012 07:29 AMPosted by Castein
Bump absolutely full on melee, need ranged.
PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT who needs ranged? go go full rogue group!
The boss'd never see it coming.
Bring up my post.

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