4/8 Heroic Holy Paladin with Ret OS LFG/

Guild Recruitment
am currently 4/8HM, with pulls in 6/8HM. I recently came back from a long break and am looking for a new home. Have a decent Ret Spec, it is an applicable off set fro raids.

Past raid expierence:

Ulduar: 25 Full clear, 1 Light, Firefighter, Algalon

ToGC10/25: 5/5

ICC10/25[H]: 11/12

T11 [H]: 9/13

T12[H]: took a break

T13[H]: 4/8 Heroic, with pulls into 6/8 Heroic.

I'm looking for a solid progression guild, that raids two to three nights a week(four nights is plausible), horde or alliance, doesn't matter. 7:30 P.M.- 12:30 A.M. EST(Mon-Thurs)
We would like to speak with you regarding a full time core spot with Dark Empire!

Server: US-Stormreaver - High pop
Faction: Horde
Raid Group: 10 Man working on 25M for MOP
Current Progression: 8/8 DS 10 man+ 2/8HM few of us with 8/8HM
Normal Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7-11PM CST (8-12AM EST).
Our Website: www.darkempireguild.com
Please Contact: xmaster_64@hotmail.com

You must be prepared to commit to near 100% attendance, Reliable and on-time attendance is important for all raiders. Although we of course are willing to work around planned absences for things like vacations and prior commitments. A positive attitude, responsibility, and the ability to handle one's self, as an adult in game are required, We are looking for people with a genuine interest in conquering content and also expect you to be geared enough to begin raiding immediately. You must have Vent w/mic

We are looking for players to fill our ranks such as Officers and Raid leader you must have 8/8HM+ experience for RL spot.
We're in need of a H pally for our core 10m team. Currently 5/8 H and raid Tues + Thurs 8:30 - 12:00 EST.

Add me on realID: ricky.stierly@gmail.com
We're 6/8Heroic and in need of a great healer. We raid Tue Wed and Thurs 9-1AM EST so if you can swing an extra 30 mins, I'd like to talk with you!.

We've been around since launchdaya dn we're looking to finish up DS and hit the ground running in Mists.

Come look me up on Cenarius if interested.
I would like to talk to you in game about the possibility of joining Hysteria. Hysteria is a 25 man guild with 7/7 and 6/7HM in Firelands and 8/8 and 5/8HM in DS, and looking for more competent people to continue forward in our 25 man Dragon Soul runs. We raid on Wed, Sun and Mon from 8pm to Midnight EST. Please get back to me Via Real ID so that we can Chat :DRealID: Kaldria@comcast.net
Guild Website: http://hysteriakhadgar.wowstead.com

Good evening.

<For Science> is an adult 10M, progression-based raiding guild. We are currently 2/8H and are recruiting various spots to round out our roster. One of these spots that we are looking for is a strong Holy Paladin.

Our raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday during progression. We raid from 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM EST (Fenris Realm Time).

If you have any other further questions or simply wish to know more you can review our Official Recruitment Thread, view / post on our website, or contact me via in game Real ID or email.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

- Sajakain
Mad Scientist, <For Science>
Real ID / Email: Sajakain@yahoo.com

Official Recruitment Thread:
Contact me via real id: jaykeith28@gmail.com

We are 5/8h DS 25 man. Raid from Mon-wed 830-1130pm est.

Website: theunnamed-wow.com

I'm looking for a full time H pally to progress further into DS with.
Hey there! I would love to hear from you over at Choice on Skywall! We need another holy paladin with your experience to join our core healing roster! I hope to hear from you and speak with you one on one! Posted on your other thread

Short and Sweet version:

Choice is a 25m Alliance raiding guild on Skywall (A Medium PST server.) We raid Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm-9pm PST. We are currently 5/8 HM in Dragon soul with 5/7 HM in progression during tier 12, and 5/13 HM's in Tier 11 Content.

Long and Detailed version:

Choice is a semi-hardcore raiding guild founded two years ago by a group of friends interested in high level content in World of Warcraft. We have a number of players who participate in PvP, and a great collection of “Friends and Family” members who play casually and enjoy the social aspects of life in a guild , but 25-person end-game raiding is our focus.


Choice started officially raiding Cataclysm content on January 12th, 2011 All kills are on 25 man.

Morchok - Dead on HM
Warlord Zon'ozz - Dead on HM
Yor'sahj the Unsleeping - Dead on HM
Hagara the Stormbinder - Dead on HM
Ultraxion - Dead on HM
Warmaster Blackhorn - Dead
Spine of Deathwing - Dead
Madness of Deathwing - Dead

Tier 12:
5/7 HM's down.

Tier 11:
BWD: 4/6 HM's
BoT: 1/5 HM's
ToFW: 2/2 Normal

What we expect out of you:

- Ability to use Ventrillo and a working mic for quick communications when necessary

- Players to keep their main toons in top shape for our level of progression with appropriate specs, mods, gems, profession perks, enchants, consumables, etc, including a thorough knowledge of their class.

- A friendly mature attitude, we expect everyone who is in Choice to display a positive raiding and guild environment for everyone else, please, don't bring your drama here, for we will not tolerate it.

- Be on time, and be prepared to raid.

- Most of all, be able to have fun! This is a game first and foremost, and should be treated as such!


While we will always look at any exceptional applicants, we are currently actively recruiting the following;

1 Balance Druid
1 Elemental Shaman
1 Mage
1 Shadowpriest

1 Resto Druid
1 Holy Paladin

Loot System:

We currently use EPGP Lootmaster to distribute loot which is tracked through the EPGP addon. EP is awarded for time spent raiding, boss kills, and any time spent on standby for the nights when there are not enough slots available in the run.

A little bit about us:

We are casual in terms of the hours we play, but not in how we approach raiding. We work as a team, and every raider is expected to contribute to the group’s success.

We’re selective in extending invitations, and we continue to evaluate players throughout their time in the guild. We expect all of our raiders to perform at a high level, and when members fail to meet expectations, our officers will meet with them individually to discuss strategies for improvement.

Most of our officers and long-term members are adults in their late 20s to early 40s and understand the need to treat members with respect and dignity. We don’t, however, allow consistent under-performers to hold back the entire group.

We strive to keep the atmosphere in our raids professional and focused, yet relaxed. We enjoy some friendly banter between players, but we try to keep it within reason so as to make the most of our time together. Since we don’t raid longer, we have to raid smarter.

If you have questions, or would like to know more, feel free to check us out at www.choiceguild.com or contact Fugara, Årmistice, Aidangrace, Beezlebubba, Zarethorne, Nassi, Zabanya or Doom in game and we will be more then happy to answer any concerns or comments you may have.
In Omnia Paratus
25 man Guild

Currently H 5/8 DS
3/8H 25m
Server 1st 25 man

We are looking to recruit mature experienced raiders for 25man progression.

Tuesday 7pm - 10:30pm PST
Thursday 7pm - 10:30pm PST
Sunday 7pm - 10:30pm PST

We also host several weekly 10 man teams, alt & cheev runs & PVP BGs.
Our primary recruitment focus however is on 25m Heroic content as we have currently have open core spots for the right players.


We ask that you must

- Be raid ready & aware,
- Know the fights & have done your research,
- Be good at your job & willing to learn from mistakes,
- Have a positive & professional attitude.

If you are interested, please submit an application at:
http://www.iop.enjin.com/recruitmentFor more information:-
Feel free to discuss in-game with Slycem, Sonofshamm, or Aurara/ Beauman.
Website - http://www.iop.enjin.com
Email – iop.recruiting@gmail.com

Officer REALID to answer questions or discuss further –
Slycem splat_bullseye@hotmail.com
Shamm Fenzinna@gmail.com
We are looking for exceptional players to help us keep moving through content.

My Real ID is: Benb41099@yahoo.com
My GM's Real ID is: Money88@gmail.com

SERVER: Dragonblight
WEBSITE: http://www.Bagel.Wowstead.com
RAID DAYS: T, TH, SUN (Sundays are shorter)
RAID TIMES: 8pm-12am EST
CONTACTS: Bhcmoney, Papertowel, Fìresoul

<Bagel> is a 10 man Horde Guild which started at the end of WoTLK. Many of the founding members were in top end raiding guilds, raiding 4-5 days a week, 4-5 hours per night. That is not our philosophy here, we raid roughly 9-12 hours a week and like to clear through content quickly by having a group of skilled individuals.

7/8 HM 10 man Dragon Soul

6/7 HM FL
6/13 BoT, BwD, ToTFW


  • If you need to server transfer you must be able to do so in a timely manner.
  • 90% Attendance is for the most part required out of raiders, due to our laid back raiding schedule. If you are to miss a raid that player must be able to notify the GM minimum of 24 hours in advance (with emergencys being the exception)
  • Gear: we do not expect you to be in full heroic DS gear or anything but we do expect you to be geared enough to compete with our other dps or hps. Gear is a crutch. If you are skilled for the most part you will do fine.
  • Awareness: this is a simple concept, if you cant move out of something, or hit a button when you are supposed to without someone telling you every single aspect of the fight dont even contact me.

No raid slots are ever guaranteed, but rather performance based. If you show up consistently, perform well, and come prepared...you WILL raid.

If you want more information please contact me via real id: benb41099@yahoo.com

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