4/8 Heroic Holy Paladin with Ret OS LFG/

Guild Recruitment
**Subtera**lvl 25 guild 6/8 Heroic 8/8 reg, Bloodhoof
looking to fill spots for DS 10 groups
tues-thur 7:45-11:00 server,apply via in game guild finder or apply at

High need

Tank for heroic group (1) 5/8H

Rdps for heroic group (2) 6/8H

Skilled raiders for Starter group (3)

Skilled raid leader for group (3)

were always looking for highly skilled player for competitive core raid spots,

Subtera is a progression focused raiding guild on Bloofhoof(A). Subtera offers a relaxed and positive raid environment with a clearly defined schedule, that still pushes new content as quickly as possible. If these are goals are similar to yours, then Subtera is the place for you.

During progression we raid Tuesday through Thursday 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm EST. We take pride in consistently being among the very best guilds on the server. Current recruitment needs are displayed in the application section of our website, but we are always interested in exceptional applicants. If you are a class that is listed as closed on our website, but feel that you can compete with our current members, feel free to submit an application and we will strongly consider it.
Dark Nemesis would love to have you on our team!
This is for a core spot...Zero bench time.
We are looking for GOOD raiders, that love to raid and want to hit MoP by storm!!

We will raid continuously until MoP and look forward to hitting MoP hard and bolstering our ranks in 25m progression raiding and strengthening our ranks as a top quality raiding guild. It takes drive and dedication and we are looking for people like yourself to help us achieve that again.

Guild: <Dark Nemesis> 25 Man
Server: Bloodhoof (PVE-US) - Alliance
Website: http://darknemesis.guildlaunch.com/
*MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO APPLY*Raiding Hours:
Monday through Thursday: 8:00 pm till Midnight EST
*Initiates are expected to maintain 75% raid attendance.*

Our current progression:
Dragon Soul
-6/8 Heroic
-8/8 Normal

- 6/7 Heroic
- 7/7 NormalIf you are interested in applying to our guild, or would like more information please visit our guild website at http://darknemesis.guildlaunch.com

We have a guild Skype that allows instant access to our recruiters for any questions or concerns you may have: DarkNemesisBloodhoof Other Contacts:
**Emeraldkitty (real ID: tylerskitty@yahoo.com//skype:Emeraldreams23), Heavenzgrace (realID: Elysil@gmail.com), Mombie (realID: adam.buky@gmail.com), Nygma (realID: whiplash2112@yahoo.com), Crashcourse (realID:dwaynamorse2008@aol.com), Rapparee or any Officer would be happy to answer your questions in-game. Good luck in your search!!**

I look forward to hearing from you! Happy dragon slaying!

<Dragonflight> is now recruiting players for Mists of Pandaria raids. As one of the oldest guilds on Frostmane, we are excited to have a fresh start with new players and new content.

We ask that applicants have a strong knowledge of their class and have the ability to take constructive criticism. As Mists of Pandaria progresses, they must also maintain their gear at a raiding standard. We are willing to help gear you and help you with your class, but you must have integrity and a willingness to push yourself.

We are an endgame guild with a focus on downing progression quickly and with integrity while maintaining a fun atmosphere . We have a core group of officers dedicated to principles of respect and personal accountability and share the belief that maintaining a tradition of excellence will propel the guild through all content.

We raid Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9 server to 12 server.

If you feel that you meet these requirements and you would like join a group of like minded people, we encourage you to apply at http://dragonflight.wowstead.com/

I can answer any questions you may have.
Btw, you are one of the only people I have ever seen not only show their engineering goggles, but transmog for it. I salute you.
Hello Murphtron

All current roster spots are open, so feel free to toss up an app on our website if we fit the type of guild you are looking for.

About Us: Hysteria is a 25 man Horde guild that's been around since November 2008. We are Currently 8/8(all 25 mans) & 5/8 HM in Dragon Soul.

We're currently searching for those special raid members who will join our roster for Cataclysm and beyond. Ideally potential raid members would be excellent players with a solid knowledge of their class, almost perfect situational awareness and attendance.

Current guild needs but not limited to:

Holy Pally
Shadow Priest
Warrior - DPS

Hysteria raids from 8PM-11PM EST, Monday through Wednesday. We run a fair loot council system, which rewards players for good attendance and solid performance rather than seniority. Raiding members have rotational input on gear awards. We will be focusing on 25 man raiding as we feel this environment are more rewarding to raiders.Further Information
We are seeking skilled players who are dedicated, enjoy raiding, and constantly seeking to improve themselves and those around them. We do not recruit for the bench and try to keep a small yet optimal roster so we have the versatility for hardmodes without the penalty of skilled raiders sitting on the bench.

As we are a guild focused on progression and efficiently raiding, we will be providing potions, flasks (Tanks and Healers), and repairs for raiding members for free. We also provide enchanting materials on main spec gear.

If you have any further questions and/or wish to apply to Hysteria, feel free to contact Minar or Kackle in game or PM us on our forums.
www hysterialb com
I'd like to talk about a raid spot in Decidedly Uncouth, 8/8H 10m Horde on Malganis. If you want to chat, check out our website at www.decidedlyuncouth.com, or find me via realid at granthaswow@mail.com or in game.

Raid times are 730-11pm EST mon-thursday during progression.

We've got a core spot open for a holy paladin, had a spot open due to someone leaving for IRL reasons. I'd love to chat soon.
If your willing to go late night raids(later then you said)

Your Math Teacher 8/8HM (US-Hyjal) is a mature guild that loves to push their characters to the limit and down bosses. We are currently expanding our list of raiders and are looking to build a 2nd 10-man team.

Some of the great things this guild has to offer are:
*A clean and mature raid environment that goes for hard progression.
*Full gems and enchants paid for by guild for all raiders.
*Assistance in acquiring BoEs/VP items.
*Epic gems provided for any heroic gear that is won.
*Fully laid out strats for every heroic fight.

Due to the fact that we are a heavy progression we ask that you have a min ilvl of 394 to apply for a spot for team B . Having 3/8H min progression is expected when apply for the team.

** Group 1 10-Man Open Slots**
Combat/Sub Rogue - Tier 2 Daggers +
Ret Pally

**Group 2 10-Man Open Slots**
Priest: Disc/Holy with a strong Shadow Off-spec
Paladin: Holy

Death Knight: Blood/Frost
Druid: Kitty/Bear/Resto/Boom
Warlock: Demo/Destro
Paladin: Ret

Raid Times: Group A
Wend:10pm-1am (PST)
Thur:10pm-1am (PST)

*Raid times are subject to change depending on the RL needs once group is complete*
Raid times: Group B
Mon: 9pm-12am (PST)
Tue: 9pm-12am (PST)

If you have any questions or would like to try out for a spot feel free to contact Nafta or Haxzors either in game or through our website. Our website has been updated to include an application process for the team and all players seeking to be on a team will be required to fill one out before the trial process begins. If you would like a good sense of how we preform feel free to check out our logs on worldoflogs under My Math Teacher.

<Gloryhogs> is a casual 25 man raiding guild that has been on Smolderthorn since 2005. We are the #1 guild on Smolderthorn and are currently recruiting the following classes:

- Resto Druids
- Holy Paladins
- Ret Paladins
- Resto Shamans

Our raid schedule:
Tues/Thur: 9:00PM - 12:30AM EST

Raid Streaming at: http://www.twitch.tv/unghanda

Our progression:
- Dragon Soul = 8/8HM
- Firelands = 7/7HM
- BWD/BoT/TotFW = 13/13HM

Latest Accomplishments:
- Realm First Heroic Madness of Deathwing (US #115)
- Realm First Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn (US #104)
- Realm First Heroic Yor'sahj The Unsleeping (US #132)
- Realm First Heroic Warlord Zon'ozz (US #105)
- Realm First Heroic Hagara (US #70)
- Realm First Heroic Morchok (World #63)
- Realm First Madness of Deathwing
- Realm First Heroic Ragnaros
- Realm First Heroic Sinestra
- Realm First Heroic Cho'gall
- Realm First Heroic Al'akir
- Realm First Heroic Nefarian

What we require:
- Appropriately geared for raiding content
- Able to meet our raid times
- Know your class
- Good Attitude
- Willing to be the right spec

If interested please apply at: http://www.gloryhogs-guild.com

or feel free to send a tell to Unghanda, or Ironey in game.
potentially 6/8h 10 man alliance guild.
wednesday 7:30-10:30
sunday 6-10.


you are sexy, so you'll fit in. HMU on real id brohammer
Fruari Mortificatio is an Alliance guild on US-Lightbringer and we have a core spot open for a skilled holy pally. Currently 4/8H and close to 5/8H. We raid 6-9 pst on Tues/Thurs with an occasianl 30 min extension if we feel like we're close to a new kill. We'll also do continuations on Sunday or Monday if the guild is up for it.

We're an adult only guild and take a laid back, but serious approach to raiding. All pots/flasks/repairs/feasts are provided. Gear is distributed by an open loot council and if there is a debate, we'll /roll. We only ask you come to the raid knowing your role in the fights and be gemmed/reforged/spec'd properly. We do alt runs and clear old raids on our off nights.

You can find out more at fm.guildzilla.com

^ here is my recruitment topic, check it out for more detailed information.

6-8 Heroic and We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:45pm-12 EST
Hello Murphtron,

If your times are flexible give us a look.

<Forgotten Aspects> is a long standing (been in existence since beta), stable, mature horde guild on Hyjal server. We are currently 8/8H 25 man. If you are looking for a long term home, then we are the place for you.

We are looking to add a Holy Paladin to round out and solidify our raiding team, we want long term raiders that are looking for a home. I would like to chat with you about our guild and the open position we have.

My Real ID is, mkkrunk@gmail.com, and I can fill you in more on us.

Our Raid Schedule:

Tuesday - Thursday 6:30pm - 10:30pm PST (10-12 Hours a Week)

How to Apply:
Go to www.forgottenaspects.com and register, PM an application to Nezastus
Or feel free to login to our server and talk to one of our officers:

Tanks & Melee DPS: Naéblis (ALT+130)
Healers: Fearmønger (ALT+0248)
Range DPS: Thant
Nezastus, Nezaster, or Foxymomma In-game

What we expect from applicants:
Solid Performance – Being able to adapt to every encounter while maximizing your output either it being DPS or HPS to any encounter that comes your way.
Awareness - Maximum performance is definitely necessary, but we aren't interested in people who tunnel vision their Recount or raid frames.
Our second group has an immediate opening for a hpally on their roster. They are nearly 6/8 H, and will be progressing through DS and beyond. Read below.

Who we are:

<Crits> was founded on Mal'Ganis back in early 2009 and has been raiding on weekends ever since. Our membership is comprised of adults from all walks of life: working professionals, overseas military and government personnel, homemakers, university students, parents, business owners, etc. We keep the guild environment friendly and sociable, but we take raiding quite seriously.

When we raid:

Our main raid nights are Fridays and Saturdays. Invites go out at 7:25 PM server and we raid until midnight server time.

Our current progression:

Group 1:

Tier 11: 12/12 | 11/13 HMs
Firelands: 7/7 | 6/7 HMs + Glory of the Firelands Raider
Dragon Soul 10 man: 8/8 normal first week | 7/8 HMs

Group 2:

Dragon Soul 10 man: 8/8 | 5/8 HMs

Our expectations from you:

Independent and up-to-date research on your class stat weighting, spell priority, talents and gear selection. Knowledge of sims and theorycrafting is useful.

Independent research of boss mechanics, strategies and videos.

An ability to take criticism in stride and improve performance under fire. If you make a mistake, own up to it and don't repeat it.

Dual spec with multiple, viable sets of gear. This contributes flexibility to the raid composition.

A willingness to rotate in and out with other players of the same class/spec/role. This increases loot utilization and allows the guild to compensate for players out on vacation, business, etc.

Sufficient resources to always come prepared with the best, including consumables, gems, enchants, craftable and BoE gear, etc.

Ventrilo and microphone.

Where to apply:


If you have any questions before you apply, feel free to contact myself or an officer, (Scrable, Amnesty, or any veteran raider (just ask for one online)).

You can also contact us via email:


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