A member of Dalaran has passed..

Today, Zolus has passed away after being in a car accident with a drunk driver. He was in a coma for the past few weeks but today he slipped away. He was a kind guy and always had the right things to say. He was one of my best friends and I hope to see you on the other side. R.I.P. you will be truly missed bro.
R.I.P. Buddy, we're gonna miss you. Zolus was Feralorn for those who might have known him on that name.
One of the best players I knew, and a close friend... We will miss you and never forget you ... R.I.P Zolus/Feralorn, you have our condolences.
RIP man, your were always a great guy, you will always be missed
R.I.P man, you will be missed.
Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that. Even more sorry that I never had the honor of meeting him. :(
R.I.P., my friend.
Thank you to all showing your respect for him. We will be sending flowers out to his family.
RIP Zolus <3
Sad to hear of your loss, didn't know him personally but I'm glad he's in a better place now.

~my regards
Extending my condolences, as well. In Clique, our friendships have developed beyond what any of us thought they would (Squishes/Squashes/myself head to each others' place for holidays now, heh), so we all have that very real fear of something happening to one of our raiders. More than just a team to kill dargonz with.

Keeping y'all in my thoughts,
Never met him but you have my condolences
Sad to hear about this. Best wishes to the family and friends affected by this loss.
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I did not know your mate, but I offer condolences, which is the best I can do.
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In other news i just saved a ton of money on my car insurance by switching to geico

Wow man.... Seriously !@#$ off you waste of life.

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