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Can someone explain how to create a marco please? I've been primarily playing solo but started to do more group stuff (dungeons/pvp) since I hit 85 and I feel like I'm dragging my group down with my noobness. I tried to get it to work at one point but never figured it out. Is there something different I need to do because I have a mac?

Thanks for the help.
A macro? There should be no difference on way or the other if you are on a Mac or Windows machine.

There's a very awesome explanation in one of the stickies here:

And you can also visit the UI & Macros forum here:
They're macros, not marcos :P

Macros have nothing to do with your OS, and writing one depends on what you want to do. They're not required to play but they make some tedious things easier. Check out this sticky to get started:
There's a sticky at the top of this forum specifically about making macros:

You may also want to read this guide:

This site will explain what a given macro does:

In general, macros are not OS-specific. The only time OS matters is the extremely rare case when you're using a script to interact with the Mac-specific client features, which it's not very likely you'll do. Apart from that one small exception, macros are identical on Windows and Mac.

Edit: I need to stack Haste.
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Edit: I need to stack Haste.

It's not the Newbie forum without the same resource linked at least three times within the same minute XD
Thanks, guys. That should help. And just for the record, I do know that it's "macro" not "marco" I apparently just can't type well on a tablet ;)

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