[H] Vae Victae - Late Night Raiding Guild

Welcome! Do you enjoy raiding with friendly/knowledgeable core guild members and the occasional drunken raid leader? Then we may just have a raid spot open for you! Vae Victae is a progressive late night raiding guild with a long standing presence on Zul'Jin. We raid from 11pm-2:00am (EST Server), Tuesday through Thursday with optional pvp, challenge modes and achievement runs on the weekends. We are currently looking for people who know their class, current raid content, and those who are equipped for the challenge of progression fights. We offer a fully leveled guild with benefits including: raid provided consumables, repairs, and a fair loot council system by your peers. We also offer a mature guild members (applicants 18+) to interact with in strategies, PVP and character/class theory crafting!

Visit www.vaevictae.com to read our “Guild Policies” section, apply to our forums and submit your application to the guild. Please copy/paste the template given under the recruitment tab and complete it as best possible so we may get to know you better. Don’t be afraid to ask our officers questions and be ready to hit the ground running as we expect your talents, gear, enchants, gemming, etc. to be at your best.

For further answers to questions that you may have, our officers are standing by! WoWmail Thehrmit (Guild Lead), Greymist (Guild Secretary), Iceis (Tank Officer), Dantemss (Raid Strategist), Hsali (Healing Coordinator), Stormthrall (DPS Coordinator), or Griffus (Recruitment Coordinator).

Current Raid Content Clear: 1/6 MSV (H), 6/6 HoF (N), ToES 3/4 (N)
Minimum Raiding "Equipped" Item Level Requirements at this Time: IL 470+.
Class/Spec’s currently open at this time for raiding positions:
N/A – No Positions at this time
Low – 1
Medium – 1-2
High – 2

Death Knights:
DPS – Low
Tank – Low

Feral Tank – Low
Feral DPS – Medium
Balance DPS – Medium
Restoration – Low

DPS – Medium

Arcane/Frost/Fire – Medium

Brewmaster (Tank): Low
Mistweaver (Heal): Medium
Windwalker (DPS): Medium

Protection – Low
Retribution – Medium
Holy – Low

Holy/Discipline – Low
Shadow DPS – Low

DPS – Medium

Restoration – Low
Elemental – Medium
Enhancement – Medium

Afflict/Demo/Destro DPS – Medium

Protection – Low
Arms/Fury DPS - Medium

If you see a “Low or N/A” next to your class and spec, please still apply. If you got the skills to make an exemplary core raider, we will take your application into good consideration! All applicants are subject to a trial raiding period of 3-4 weeks as per guild rules where they must maintain an attendance of 80%(+) and show they can perform at their best for the guild.
Thanks! :D

***Note: During current recruitment, we will be doing 2-10man raids until 25man slots are filled. Thanks for your patience! :)
Looking for some great DPS for the hard mode core Tues-Thurs 25man. Immediate openings on dps DK's, Boomkins, and Shadow Priests. Also an opening for a Resto Druid, Holy Pally, and/or Disc Priest. Sorry, completely full on Shamans of all specs at this time!!!
Please visit and register to www.vaevictae.com to apply!
i may hit you up in game but this may be what i am looking for haven't been able to raid for a while because of my schedule maybe a late night raid will help solve that.

dps boomkin ilvl 382 not the best ever but lots of old raiding experience and know my class well
Me work...? Okie dokie... work, work, work...
Immediate openings on DPS DK's, Boomkins, and Shadow Priests. Still reviewing apps for a resto druid, holy pally or a disc priest.
Apply @ www.vaevictae.com or talk to an officer listed above for more info on the application process to the guild.

P.S. If applicants could refrain from logging out in their transmog or pvp gear during their app processing, that would be great. Wearing your best gear, enchants and gems shows the pride you take in your character.
*Also at this time we are currently FULL on Shamans of all specs. Thanks! :D
Another day, another grind... XD
Check our character class listing above as we're still looking for some great dps and maybe 1 more healer coming into the Summer. These are full time core raider positions so if you're interested, check out our guild policies in our forums @ www.vaevictae.com and while you're there fill out an app. Any questions please whisper in game the officers listed above or myself!
*Sorry, Full on Shamans of all Specs!
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-Fix Bathroom Sink: (uhm... later lol)
Oh yeah, advertise our guild recruitment!
Hi everyone still looking for knowledgable DPS and 1 healer for our core 25 person raid! Contact us by filling out an app in our guild forums @ www.vaevictae.com or speak to our officers listed above! Full on Shamans of all specs, sorry.

-Beer: Check!!!
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Ah, a great day of beer, tacos and MtG.

Still looking for some great melee and ranged DPS and possibly 1 good Holy Paladin for our 25 raid. www.vaevictae.com for more info. Applications in the forums section!
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Hi everyone! Looking for ranged and melee DPS along with 1 spot open for a holy paladin. Drop an app in our forums @ www.vaevictae.com
*Yawn* good morning fellow raiders, time for another day of fun in the Orgrimmar sun ;)
Hello all we are still looking for some dps. Melee and Ranged drop an app in on the forums at www.vaevictae.com
Looking for some more people for some late night raiding action
Still lookin for dps slots here all, send your app over at http://www.vaevictae.com!
Got a healing spot open for a Holy Paladin and/or Priest and we're still looking for a couple of DPS classes to help fill in some key roles in our 25man core raid. Post @ www.vaevictae.com in our recruitment forums or whisper in game the officers we have listed.
Sorry, still lookin like we're full on Shamans!
Ah no matter how dull things are in life, nothing makes a great day like some DBZ Abridged episodes. Oh Vegeta... too funny! XD
Oh uhm, and the same stuff as before, send in an app if you're interested in joining for a raid position in th guild. ;)
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*cough* Damn you Youtube....

On a side note, still looking for some great Ranged DPS, a few select classes for exceptional Melee DPS, and we have a spot open for a Holy Paladin/Priest! Apply now on our App Forums @ www.vaevictae.com and feel free to ask Thehrmit, Greymist, Iceis, etc from the top listing... if you have any questions!
Panda's... Every day they're shuffling! :D

Would like to see some apps for a Holy Paladin/Priest for our 25man raid and we're looking for some ranged dps. At this moment we have only few select spots are open for the melee dps classes. We're pushing hard mode fights so applicants please keep in mind to know your raid mechanics, concentrate on preparing your character before raids and uhm... strive to get your dps past 29k (Looking at a certain rogue in legendaries :P).
App in our forums @ www.vaevictae.com, also feel free to read over our guild rules and policies while you're there to answer questions like example: "How do you guys do your raid looting?"

P.S. side note... Yes, we do prefer our initiates to fill out our application instead of just being invited to the guild (it shows initiative and lets us know you better) and please during the application process, make sure you logout in your mainspec gear. Love the creativity in some people's transmog sets, but not helpful to review lol ;)
Busy, busy day today... Last comment still active for recruiting!

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