LOL@horde on Arthas

Arthas bow to the God Shaman and God DK of Skullcrusher.
im a resto shaman...

just fyi that^^ is how you farm in wsg...just sayin
She told YOU
What's a wsg mon?
haha nice 1750 chieve yo.. anyone can do tons of dmg as a dk
Lets see your WSG, not an hour long AB.
lets see your 2200 chieve.. oh yeh ur stuck in 1600 brackets my bad...instead of trying to troll forums go practice homie. and pretty sure wsg is longer than AB in most cases.
if your WSG is longer than an AB ur doing it wrong.
lol yeh because when i look at ur pvp chieves i can tell you know what your doing when it comes to pvp
point is ur bad gtfo. kid tries to come to a server and troll.
^ some cool people in this thread
04/18/2012 02:06 PMPosted by Winnu
^ some cool people in this thread

You played against 1500 no-name premade and you won, congrats?
Pvp is overrated.

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