Guardians of Hyjal; Call of the ancients

Guardians of Hyjal; Call of the ancients

Alright, I have assisted Tortolla, Aessina, Aviana but not L'ogosh

I have defeated Ragnaros and I have finished a few quests after him. The last quest I finished was The Protectors of Hyjal. There are no more quests showing up on my map I have also finished 115/115 quests here. I have even earned 25 Marks of the world tree. But where is L'ogosh and how can I assist him? Im so confused.

Help would be appreciated, where he is, a list of quests I need to have completed before I can assist him and so on.
In general check out which should help you solve your problem.
04/16/2012 12:03 AMPosted by Lashed
But where is L'ogosh and how can I assist him?

To actually answer your question, he'll be at the Shrine of Goldrinn, north of the Sanctuary of Malorne. Northeast of the Shrine are a night elf and tauren who give a couple quests to take out the nearby ogres and hunters, then send you to the Shrine where you'll fight worgen and free Lo'gosh.

If you've already done 115 quests and started the Firelands dailies, you should have already assisted him though.
04/16/2012 06:34 AMPosted by Jakjak
If you've already done 115 quests and started the Firelands dailies, you should have already assisted him though.

I think I have already assisted him too, it sounds like I have done every single quest there is that he offers. I have even free'd Rio and Ian Duran (the humans) I have defeated the monster in the cave with the giant wolf (The one where I ride on his back) and there are no more quests in the area.

If I have free'd logosh will he be somewhere I can see him? (if that makes any sense) or is he part of the wolf statue or something. Because if I can see him like at the shrine of goldrinn (Checked there and I didn't see him) than il know for sure I free'd him

Is it possible that its a glitch and that I have helped him?
Have you checked to see what quests you have completed using one of the tools mentioned in the link ? With them you should know whether you have helped him and whether there are other things you have left to do.
The above poster, Nimhfree, linked a very useful informational thread that could help you track your quest progress toward Call of the Ancients. However, a much simpler and less game-data intrusive way to check your quest progress is to import your charachter over to and check the Quests tab above your character picture (after performing a character sync with the WoW Armory).

If you are new to this, underneath the Guild link on your profile page, there is an arrow, that when mouse-hovered over says "Find character on..." with Wowhead as one of the choices. You will then be instantly taken over to your character profile on (site registration may be required, I don't remember). Then click on the Quests tab above your picture.

Personally, I find this much easier to use, and more informational, than the data displayed in the armory site listing out the quests. And addons don't provide user-feedback whereas wowhead is all about the "how-to" and feedback. It sounds like you may be missing a tiny, over-looked detail in encountering Lo'Gosh. The only way to tell is to track the quests you have completed and see what is still outstanding. Due to the amount of quests involved in this particular chain, there really isn't one person that could tell you " forgot 'this' one". You'll need to track it for yourself.

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