1 Month of $5 Server Transfers

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Triple /signed for my 85s
I'd support weekend sales, like with steam, and with the other services offered. 1 service per weekend, of course.
Personally I can't stand high pop servers, watching /2 is like having your head dragged down a railroad track, bouncing off of each tie. The nut job dim wits posting gibberish nonsensical text is over whelming. Half of all LFM retards posting a /macro twice and as often as the chat limiter will let them. Med pop servers aren't too bad as long as it is not an evening weekend night in trade chat. I play on a low pop server. Alliance side has from 600 to 1k items in the AH. Horde side give or take 8k. Other servers I play on have 20 to 30k. [to find out open AH window, don't search for anything just hit Search, scroll to bottom and you'll see how many items are in there]
Server transfers are Free right now. Just go to another server, roll a toon and play. Best to make a new toon, go into the main city, check the AH for amount and relative cost of things that you look for in an AH. If you like what you see. Make it your home. It doesn't take long to get to 85. Oh I know many players are puffy chested with the sweet gear and gold they have. They would feel naked and vulnerable without having that "cool" mount to hover by the main AH for all to marvel at but you'll get over it.
For the very very low pop servers it would mean absolute ghost town status. I for one have no desire to move to a med or high pop server. The Alliance side of Chromaggus is a ghost town as it is. 5$ transfers would be the end of most Low Pop servers.
The only thing I can see as a way out of this mess is merge Low pop servers. Take two and make one. A logistical nightmare. Some toon handlers will have to change names along with many other foreseeable problems.
Surely something could use a fix here.
I think too, that many people that have worn out their welcome on a server would jump on the 5$ deal. Trouble is they don't realize that: where ever you go, that is where you are. [knowing not all WoW players have much edjamakation] that means you bring your troubles with you where ever you go, it may not be your server but in fact You are the problem.
great idea. blizz should really consider it.
signed ...........
While I support this you'll never get Blizzard to admit this is a 'great idea' also. I hate paying transfer fees & a monthly fee at the same time, but a $5 deal like this would make me reconsider for sure.

I won't lie. This idea would be like a dream come true to me. That having been said, I think it's a horrible idea because everyone would just migrate to the high population servers that rank well in progression and/or PvP. Rather than balancing the populations out, this would create further imbalance. In the past Blizzard has offered free server transfers from high population realms to low ones, but the fact is that many high population realms are that way for a reason. I personally think that solutions like cross-realm normal raids and cross-realm auction house access would do more to ameliorate the problem than reduced rates on server transfers.
My guild needs this desperately. We are on a dead server and totally unable to recruit new raiders.

I've got 4 or 5 85's I'd transfer immediately. This is instead of quitting the game all together becouse we cant assemble a damn raid team, so its win for blizz

Agree completely!
/signed /signed & /signed
04/16/2012 12:46 AMPosted by Gambleguts
I would buy 25 dollars worth of transfers at 5 dollars a pop. And I'm just one person. Definitely a great idea imo. /signed.
Same /signed
We need BOTH population maintenance by WOW and a less expensive server change option. Servers with low population are NOT fun to play and enthusiasm for WOW decreases.
At this point the cost of server transfers isn't based on what it really costs to do the service, it is more about trying to not makie it too easy for people to do. Servers have resource limitations on how many people they can have on them at a time. If they made it much easier to transfer, it would come down to being a few mega servers. Some may think this is great, but imagine the server lag in the major cities.
Do it
So many sheep in this thread. Its unfortunate that so many of you lack the foresight to see what a disaster it would be to have people moving servers without a care.
Signed... 25 dollars for a character transfer is just greedy and selfish... how much work do you really have to do to transfer a character to a new realm... deffinately not 25$ dollars worth. I have 3 characters and there is NO WAY IN HELL i am paying 75$ to transfer 3 characters in a COMPUTER GAME! also If your in dalvenger, your first transfer should be free

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