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I paid for a faction change on Friday night (4/13/12) and it completed successfully an hour afterwards. I then intended to server transfer, but on my blizzard status it continues to show as a pending order, despite the fact that it's completed, I have an e-mail from blizzard telling me the order is processed and complete, and the funds have been deducted from my bank account. Can my status flag be changed so that I can go ahead with my server transfer? Thank you.
My blizzard order status has updated to show the order as COMPLETED, but I *still* cannot server transfer the toon because it is reflected as 'faction change pending' in the server transfer interface.
Something is up with the system currently as I and many others are having the exact same issue.
I am having the same issue. My problem though is after i put my card information in it says theres a problem with it. Yet I bought something on all my cards to test and called the banks.
Is this issue known and being addressed?
I haven't seen any other threads being answered by blizzard at all. I believe they will fix, but for my case was it wasn't allowing my card to pay. Yet I have a copy of my guy on my server and old server. I can't play either one of them.
04/16/2012 08:59 AMPosted by Traskin
My blizzard order status has updated to show the order as COMPLETED, but I *still* cannot server transfer the toon because it is reflected as 'faction change pending' in the server transfer interface.

As I understand it, though the Faction Change has completed and you are able to log into it, the purchase has not fully processed yet. Meaning that it can take up to 72 hours for these online transactions to fully process.

Unfortunately, until the transaction has been fully processed, the character is unable to undergo any additional character services. If the previous one failed after the second one was done that would cause a number of complications for the character.

The 72 hours should be up as of an hour or so ago, Traskin. Can you try it again? Perhaps try clearing your cookies/cache on your browser so we have a fresh attempt?

For any future transactions, you may want to use our combination service. If you visit the Character Transfer service in Account Management you should have the option to both transfer and faction change at the same time. This should avoid any processing delays when you want to do both. :)

Just be sure that if your name is taken on the destination realm that you log into the character, selecting a new name, before you activate the Faction Change option.
Thank you for the help, Vrakthris. I didn't know about the combination service, it would have been very helpful with this move and will be helpful in the immediate future, as I plan more toon moves. As for the toon I am currently in the process of trying to server transfer (Deyser, from Windrunner to Earthen Ring), I have cleared cookies/cache on browser and re-attempted to pay for the server transfer. Deyser is still showing as 'faction change pending'.

Is there any way to simply change the status flag somewhere on your end? Since the 72 hours were up earlier this afternoon, does this mean there are technical problems hanging out there?

Thank you very much for your prompt attention.

I have mostly the same problem, but it's not been 72 hours. I'm posting to underscore the fact that I was unaware of the combination service as well. I did 30 minutes of research about the faction change + realm change via google, WoW forums, etc... and this is the first I've heard of it. Disappointed that the option was not more prominent. I'm sure that we aren't the only two people that have used these two services together...
There is another thread open discussing the same thing, but it looks like the problems are being ignored. To be honest, I should of done the server transfer before changing factions considering I'm having the same issue.
its my birthday and faction change is pending for around 4 hours now:) thanks alot blizzard..
I put in for a faction change, it went through, character changed, but it still shows that I have a faction change available, despite that the change went through and I've played on that toon for five days now.

I want to do the server transfer, but I'm still pending after five days. I filled out at a ticket, but it was just marked as "answered" despite the fact that nothing was resolved. I'm still stuck, and I still can change my characters' faction at will apparently.
i bought my faction change on the 18th it still says pending and ive been horde for 5days now....id like to faction change again but cant.... its been well over 72 hours.

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