[A] Final Hour - Recruting For 10M Core

Final Hour is a looking to fill our roster with skilled, mature players for our core 10 man DS group. Our core has raid experience and clears all the way from Classic - Cata. We are currently working on Heroic Dragon Soul and as such are only recruiting raid-ready players for our main group.

Currently Recruiting:
Group 1 - Mon. Tue. Thur. 7pm-10pm Server Time
385+ ilvl
  • 1 rDPS (Mage or Hunter)

Group 2 - raid times TBD
  • 1 Raid Leader
  • 1 Tank
  • 3 Healers
  • 1 mDPS
  • 2 rDPS

Fun Time Charlies - Errday
  • Everybody

Pst or send mail to Snackshift or Peaf in game for more info or an invite
Hi I'm Snackshift.
ilevel 399 rogue with 3/8 hm exp, and i would need about 7 weeks till I get my legendaries if I get the clusters from the 10man raid. (won't need on any other piece of gear)
Psssst. We also need 1 Holy Pally ^^
TFC definitely did die in TBC, but Snackbad refused to give up on it till recently.

Also, no longer looking for holy pally, just need a maeg.

PS: Hi, I'm Fedelis.

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