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Boomkins, Mages we are looking for you. I hear we have 3 DI's in raid.
I still vote di the resto shaman.
so heres to hoping that di looks better on resto shamans in mop. I riptide the whole damn guild. mebbe
Ok its joke time going to start posting jokes. But we really would love to have apps ppl!
What do rogues and noobs have in common?
They both pick locks
Your mother is so fat, Chain Lightning hit her twice.
must have a brain =)
Errr... I don't have a brain QQ
Why don't warriors get their weapons enchanted with Int?
They don't want their weapons to be smarter than they are.
We do need help killing things in mop with our new friends the monkeys
llamda makes me do this
Halp me, halp me.
it's wednesday
Raid time currently! heroic dc going down again.
YOU WILL BURN!!!!!!!!!!
Bumpty Bump

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