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OK So you beat D3...lets get back to wow :P
Ello, Whats the best time to chat with someone about your needs in the area of healing? Whisper me in game or post here i'll check back later.
Here ya go man, feel free to contact them, usually during peaks hours one of them is bound to be on. If you caught our raid times however, it'd probably be best to whisper them before or after said raid.

Divide Website: http://www.divideguild.net

If you need more information or have any questions you can also get in touch with us via Real ID at varcarl323@hotmail.com, or by whispering any of our officers (see the bottom of this post) in game / PMing them on our website.

Ryutenshu (GM)
Llamda (Quality Control & Recruitment)
Casals (Collaborator)
Juggarnaut (Master of Morale)
looking for skilled players
hello out there
Still on the look out for new players to join us.
Hello!!! Is it me you're looking for?
I'm standing at the door.
it's wednesday - raid day!
yep it's here
yep it's here
recruiting skilled players who are capable of hardcore progression in mop
Come raid with us! Looking for skilled players.
I hear this thread is awesome.
/growl @ everyone
well hi
This is awkward.

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