LFM DS25 4/8HM hosted by Inbound

Inbound is hosting runs Friday and Saturday night. They start at 6:15 server time. Runs can go as late as 10:30 server, but very rarely do.

Here is the ideal candidate:
Has experience doing heroics
Plays a hybrid class with two PvE specs
Has Ilvl 390+

Classes most desired:
Dual spec paladin (Any specs, prefer ret or holy as MS, any OS)
Dual spec druid (Boomkin MS, Tree OS preferred)
Unholy DK, ideal would have blood OS.
Arms Warrior (Prot OS is nice, but not important)
Legendary daggers may be available for sale. Buyers must meet our standards for raid members.
Hagara pickpockets for sale every friday and saturday night.

Apply to for tanking/dps by in-game mail to alchemoney. Apply for healing position by in-game mail to silmariil. Indicate your Ilevel, experience, expected performance (Can you break 40k on H-Morchok? If so, tell us.), and which days you are available. Friday/Saturday are different runs, excellent players are welcome to take a character to each. Flasks/food buffs will be provided. You are welcome to attend our runs while your character is in another guild. If you wish to place it in our guild, simply ask for an invite.

All invites go through the in-game calendar. Accept/decline the calendar to indicate which weeks you will be available. Declining does not remove you from future weeks, it just tells me you won't be on. If you do not accept, you're welcome to come in if there is room, but we won't save room. If you accept and do not show up, you will be removed on the second offense. In short: Say what you will do, and then do it. This is a run for adults.

No children. If your mommy can call you to dinner, do not apply.

PS. This run is primarily designed for two types of players. Those that are in top end guilds and wish to play on an alt on the weekend, or those that have become exceptional at the game but don't have time to play more than one or two days per week. We do run WoL, we do go looking for your reports when you apply. If you aren't leveling professions on your alt, gem it incorrectly, don't bother to enchant gear with the right enchants, don't know how to maximize your damage, or think the best binding possible for "C" is character menu.... don't waste our time or yours.

Lastly... do not log out in your arena gear after you send me a mail. I want to be able to see your pve gear so I can see if it is correctly reforged/gemmed/enchanted. If you haven't had time to get a particular gem or enchant on a new piece of gear, say so in the mail.
hi, bump
Bumpers for the cajun asian! 8D
It looks like this week I'll have a couple openings on Saturday.

Last Saturday we took down 4 heroics, did some work on H gunship, and finished the raid early.

We could really use a decent H pally for this run. Currently all H pally gear is getting sharded. Could use another warlock in the run also.

Any non-tank who is good at the game and put in the time to gear, gem, enchant, and level professions is likely to get a try out this Saturday. If you haven't killed H Yor, Hagara, or Ultra please study the fight (watch a learntoraid video or something). Also, legendary daggers for sale on Saturday.
Still have openings. We're rolling through in 2.5 hours or so with 4 heroics. Need some warlocks and pallies. Dagger sale is open.

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