Hybrid spec

I would like some help with a feral hybrid spec. Would any of these specs be viable in both PvP and PvE?


I'm usually always in cat form but lately, I've been really enjoying bear form. I'd just like a spec that would let me use cat form for max dps as well as bear for tanking without having to respec or activate talents.

Yes, yes. I'm a noob, I know. >.< But any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I don't really like either spec tbh.

There is a good hybrid guide at http://theincbear.com/dragon-soul-bearcat-guide by Tangedyn, the author of the Cat DPS guide stickied in this forum.

It provides great info for a hybrid build, but is slanted towards raiding.

You can look at my primary spec for a general purpose hybrid build. After playing around with various hybrid specs, I find it to work best for what I do: Questing, Farming, Random BGs. Heroic Dungeons, LFR, and Tol Barad. The spec is decent for both tanking and dps roles. Enchants and gems are focused on Agility and Mastery for both PVE and PVP gear.

My secondary spec is one I am experimenting with as a BG "Flag Runner" spec. It is actually a lot of fun. Since it is focused on survivability, it needs to be tweaked to make it appropriate for all around use though.

I would be happy to explain further if you have specific questions or need explanations of choices.

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