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DS was supr srs hrd.

Apparently for you it is. You still haven't even cleared it after the nerfs :)
04/28/2012 08:14 AMPosted by Freese
Apparently for you it is. You still haven't even cleared it after the nerfs :)

OH SNAP! bwahaha
Expertise Rating - Decreases an enemy’s chance to dodge and parry. Largely a threat stat, however it is also a good mitigation stat for Savage Defense until the dodge cap. Roughly equal to crit in value for mitigation until 26, at which point it is on par with Hit. Once you reach higher gear levels (>= 378) Expertise will actually be superior to Crit until you reach the softcap of 26.

Level 85 mob = 5.0% (Dodge) / 5.0% (Parry) = 601 (20) / 601 (20) Expertise Rating
Level 86 mob = 5.2% (Dodge) / 5.2% (Parry) = 631 (21) / 631 (21) Expertise Rating
Level 87 mob = 5.4% (Dodge) / 5.4% (Parry) = 661 (22) / 661 (22) Expertise Rating
Level 88 mob = 6.5% (Dodge) / 14% (Parry) = 781 (26) / 1682 (56) Expertise Rating

This is from your favorite site ledonn,

Why is it so hard for people to understand that if you dont HIT your target, then our mastery servers 100% useless? Pulverize is more than enough to make up for the lost crit reforging out of it.
Bears have several ways they can decide to tank. Focus towards dodge mitigation, Mastery/SD mitigation or an even spread of both.

You are going for Dodge mitagation > Mastery/SD. As such you should be gearing, reforging, prioritizing for that. You are reforged to pure Dodge yet you gem stam. You are more reliant on dodge yet you have a Mastery and Absorb trinket.

If you were more focus on SD procs expertise wouldn't be a bad choice but is still not something you choose over Crit as Crit is more important for SD to happen than Expertise is. 14% chance to get parried/6.5% chance to get dodged still means you still have 86% chance to not get parried/93.5% chance to not get dodged if you had absolutely no Expertise.

You also forgot to point out that stat sheet you copied from was Posted: June 10th, 2011, 6:44 pm. Last year during the first weeks of FL. Due to our tier 13 bonus, Pulverize gives you a 100% chance on Mangle crit to reapply SD you should be stacking crit like candy yet you don't. You rely on Expertise (which is from an outdated tier guide) For mitigation which is now lower than Crit and almost tied with haste. If you're relying on Expertise for threat than you have other problems.

In short: You reforge Dodge yet gem Stam. You put Dodge higher than SD even though your tier allows for greater chances at SD survival. You run SD preferred Trinkets yet don't have enough mastery to make it worth while.

Research eh? Even though this is for ferals who know HOW to play either specs, It does a great job talking about how you should of geared and prioritized this tier.
TLDR. Just !@#$ because Garman's kill's speak more than your words. You're the worst kind of troll, the kind that tries to sound smart.
I'm not in their guild. So "they" didn't call TROLLOLOL I did. Also, you are retarded. I have done progression raiding in the past, and I can tell you that you CANNOT carry tanks all the way through progression.

Even is it WAS possible, the top guild on our server wouldn't carry someone through an entire tier of progression.

Also I did counter your logic. Garman killed 8/8 HM in February, and you haven't killed him yet. Therefore Garman > Ledonn.
Once it's on farm sure. Not through progression.

And that's not even the point. Refined wouldn't carry him if they could. They aren't the carrying type of guild.

edit* Unless you pay them gold. And only when content is on farm.
I can't look back through our declined applications from October to November (which was when we were last looking for a tank), but we must have had no less than 20 good tank apps before we settled on Garman. We also made two of our best tank applicants (Garman and another prot paladin) compete with each other in Dragon Soul during the PTR to see who could communicate effectively, learn new strats on a whim, and adapt to different situations without panicing. Garman came out on top.

Sure, Garman may have some flaws when it comes to hardcore theorycrafting; and in that regard, you win. However, from my experience, the hardcore theorycrafters are only good at crunching numbers; they don't have the other skills necessary to perform well in competitive raid enviornments (go armory half of the people who are theorycrafting the MoP protection warrior changes and you will see that very few of them actually have heroic kills). In that regard, Garman wins for all of the reasons I have previously mentioned. I would much rather have a tank who has quick reaction times, a level head, a cool temper, and dedication to the guild than someone who is only good at using a calculator.

Another thing to point out: you can't always trust the "proven" numbers theory during heroic progression. For example, on heroic madness progression, I completely regemmed all of my gear with stamina gems ignoring socket bonuses because prot warriors fall over in the face of impale, and the only way I could survive even with 345845 cooldowns on me was to have a huge health bar. I accidentally logged out in this gear over the weekend, and when I was posting on the forums people were calling me bad for stacking stamina. I even had some people whisper me in game and were like "DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND CTC?"

Theory is just that: theory. Tanking during heroic progression before the nerfs requires you to go beyond the theory and to think outside of the box in order to make the fight easier for the rest of the raid. Garman is great at doing that.

tl;dr you suck Garman is better than you you're mad, jealous, etc.
Once it's on farm sure. Not through progression.

And that's not even the point. Refined wouldn't carry him if they could. They aren't the carrying type of guild.

edit* Unless you pay them gold. And only when content is on farm.

Pretty much this. I was supposed to join Refined in February 2011, but I decline their offer to join another guild (big mistake). They went through 3-4 tanks until July 2011 when I actually joined the guild. I have tanked for many people and guilds, and this guild is by far the most demanding on tanks during progression (in a good way, of course). In other words, if Garman was truly bad, they would've kicked him a while ago.
Ok there champ. I know from experience you can carry tanks. We had a Warrior Tank when Garman and I shared a guild title. He can verify. Tanks can easily be carried through content.

looking at your achievements Ledonn, I noticed you've NEVER killed any endboss while it was relevant

stay jelly
He deleted his posts. We win!
04/28/2012 02:26 PMPosted by Spoodzx
stay jelly

oh I bet he is...and he is QQing right now cuz of it LOL
live now, giving away footsteps of illidan and pet biscuit tonight
So XM and I were the only two viewers. That means we won the only two prizes.

-I promise these are actual pictures not scary things-
Live tonight with a Footsteps of Illidan tcg code giveaway @ 8 pm est.
Going live in 10!

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