Dragon Soul Hard Modes - Warlock Edition v2.0

Glad I could help. Grats on the kill man.
I noticed you went full mastery with epic mastery gems.

How do the sims look on that?
For HM Spine I've been able to get Meta off CD almost every lift by switching to bloods after the Amalgamation is at low enough HP, and Incinerating a single blood into Decimation and riding that Decimation from from blood to blood until the Amalgamation has full stacks, at which point I spam as many Soul Fire's (Decimation providing) into the Amalgamation (sometimes Meta comes off CD right as the Amalgamation dies).

On some of the attempts I worked on I was able to get Meta off CD for each of the first 5 lifts, I never saw the last lift since my guild actually got the kill last week but without me /sadpanda
Heroic Spine = DEAD :). Thanks for the help Dark and the locks suggesting destro. I went destro for the fight and it was real easy to DPS the tendon down. We were reaching just the same %s on each Burning Tendon. I think though, the biggest help was destro's dps on the amalgamation since I didn't need a big cd (demo - meta) to maximize my dps. I only had to manage demon soul (and rune of zeth but its a minute cd) so I felt a bit relieved every time the amalgamations hit 9 stacks, I didn't have to juggle cds. Thanks again, Dark. Sorry I didn't kill spine as demo (lol) but the rest of your guide has been very helpful.
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Seems like now with the 20% nerf the adds on Warmaster Blackhorn die so fast that Affliction isn't even worth it anymore. I used Destruction tonight on my first kill on it and I think it would outperform Affliction but not sure since I haven't done it at 20% as Affliction to compare numbers. Thoughts?

They do die much faster, but I agree with Dark.
I noticed you went full mastery with epic mastery gems.

How do the sims look on that?

It's just my mastery set for Ultraxion records.


It performs quite well. I would highly suggest working on obtaining a full set just for this reason. It never gets old hearing "holy @#$%" from fellow raiders.
lmao wtf
I'm in demo spec and demo stats,
Assuming if i do not reforge away my current gears,
would demo be able to perform better on HM Warmaster, or would affliction be better?
[Assuming using the same gears, without reforge]

10man raid, no other characters to give 10% SP buff. There's the 6% SP buff though.
Affliction will outperform Demonology by a big margin. However, that 4% extra spell power is huge if you have 2 other casters with you (excluding healers).

Just play it smart and stay Demonology, but reforge for full haste.
On Heroic Ultraxion - Can Affliction warlocks stay out during Hour of Twilight by Having Soul Link up and performing a Soul Burn+Healthstone (maybe even glyphed Healthstone)? I have heard this can be done. Also, if this is possible, at what point do I pop the Soul Burn+Healthstone combo?

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