<Belly Dancers> US-Illidan 6/8 25H Recruiting

Belly Dancers current needs:
-Resto Shaman: High need
-Holy Paladin
-Disc Priest

-Prot Paladin
-Blood Death Knight

-Balance Druids
-Feral dps

All other exceptional raiders are welcome to apply.

We are not just looking for the average spread sheet DPS. You must know the ins and outs of all specs that your class is capable of playing. We may ask you to play your off-spec to overcome a different mechanic of a fight and we expect that you are able to make that change without any problems.

Our raid times are Tue-Thur 9pm-12am Server Time (10pm-1am EST). You must be able to make 100% of our raiding times to be considered for a trial spot. We do understand that life does happen but we ask that as much notice possible be given for a raid absence.

Loot will be handled by Loot Council comprised of the Officers of the Guild. If you are only interested in gearing your avatar we might not be the right guild for you.

We expect that you will know how to optimize your class and maximize your characters' potential. We ask that all raiders come prepared for the night with the appropriate gear, gems, reforges, and pots. Our trial period lasts 2-4 weeks depending on your performance. After your trial period has ended you will be voted in or out by all guild members. We use Mumble and you are expected to have a working microphone. Please visit our website to submit an application or speak to any of the Officers in-game:
Orbit, Tyguyy, Alteras, Fyerlights, Morike or Gypsytears

404 iLvL Rogue /w FoF Daggers interested - I will apply soon - I have work atm.
We could always use a Rogue that didn't suck...
legendary warlock and rogue?
I would love dps that doesnt suck. Feel free to apply anytime and I'll do what I can
Need more legendary casters!
Somewhere over the rainbow...
was a guild LF more legendary casters!
Up, up, and away!

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