Age of Aspects - LF geared players for DS10

Burning Legion
Age of Aspects is built on the foundation of game experience. We are a helpful and fun guild that offers alot to new & seasoned players. As we grow, weekly Raids & PVP events will be posted on the calendar. (Vial of Sands - Avail with your mats) Join Us as we advance our guild!!

Daily members will be setup with 5 man battle groups to run dungeons and gear up.

Dedicated members will get to run raids which will be setup on the guild calendar.

We have PVP players as well that would like a strong RBG team and weekly arenas.

We would love to have you join, any level and role will be appreciated and valued.

Looking to fill out our 10 man Dragon Soul raid with a few geared players.

Thank you,
GM - Timewarp
bump for a good guy, timewarp! Herkk
Thanks Herkk. :)

We've had a few join the guild to help with guild challenges and adding to the xp recently. I'm looking forward to having a solid core of members to cover a lot of content, PvP and PVE. Our focus is to have the guild in a position to really grow by the expansion. So let your buddies know!


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