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Hey guys! I think I am about ready to buy the upgrades for my computer. I am replacing the processor, motherboard, increasing RAM, and obtaining a new OS. I am replacing windows XP 32 bit with Windows 7 64 bit. I am also upgrading from 2 GB DDR2 RAM to 8 GB DDR3 RAM. Finally, the major upgrade is switching from a single core, 2.01 GHz AMD Athlon processor to a dual core, Intel 3.1 GHz processor. As the only parts of my system that aren't "recommended" are my processor and operating system, hopefully with those 2 things replaced and 4 times the RAM WoW will run with much less lag and the loading screens will be faster! If I am currently only able to pull 1-5 FPS in LFR on all lowest graphics, what do you guys foresee me doing in LFR on low graphics with the upgrade? My graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 4800 series, which definitely surpasses the recommended requirements for WoW, and I don't play any other computer intensive games.

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Check this out for the guide on which part will work best for you for the price.:

Upgrading the CPU + RAM should significantly increase FPS with WoW with your current graphics card, and you should be able to push high settings easily. You were just being held back by ancient old single-core CPU.
Thats what i had thought, thanks for confirming my theories, and thanks for the link!
Ive never upgraded a computer in the middle of gaming like this, usually its before a game comes out... If i remove what was in the computer and put the new stuff in and play, will i see results instantly? Seems weird (i used to be a console person so im not too great with these things) but if its that easy then (:
Since you are installing Windows 7 fresh, yes, pretty much instant result once you get all the latest drivers (not from those driver CDs motherboard/graphics cards come with) and everything set up.

Note installing Windows 7 64-bit from XP 32-bit will require a fresh install (no upgrade), and any existing settings will not carry over, and any programs that rely on Windows registry will need to be reinstalled.

In addition, if it's an OEM copy, it requires you install it on a fresh hard drive. So back up all important documents, music, game saves, etc etc before you proceed.

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