Scout's Transmog set

Anyone know the best way to farm for this set?

I do love my white rogue pvp set, but I'd like to start farming for this black set so I have a transmog for pve
honestly the best place is the AH, but if you insist on lookin up droprates and manually farming:

also alot of the mobs are no longer in the game, just look for the ones on the list that have a location listed.

edit:you should probably take energetic recovery for sub :)
after scouting around a bit (no pun intended)

i think the shoulders are whites, so you'll have to use those cloaked spaulders or whatever they're called.
04/13/2012 12:11 AMPosted by Leavex
edit:you should probably take energetic recovery for sub :)

I thought I had... I...

There is no excuse....

Also, thanks for the tips.

My server doesn't have any on AH, /cry
Stockades have fun =(
The pieces drop off lowbie rare spawns. I got a full set within a few days by flying around and killing those.
People must have really given up here! I did too, on the scouting shoulders. Never see them in the AH. but, I like the "Spaulders of Egotism" with the set. Found that on AH.
I think they'll appreciate the link in a thread made 3 1/2 years ago. No really they will!

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