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Bump <3
Bump <3
Still looking for quality members, especially a tank!
04/22/2012 10:30 PMPosted by Zephrim
Still looking for quality members, especially a tank!
still looking! need a ranged dps and possibly a tank!
Updates! Roster is almost full!! Looking for blood dk and ret pally or spriest!
Just need a blood dk to fill our last spot!
LF dk tank and ret paladin!
I have a question Andromedia after doing 2/8hms have u gained a love for llamas
So as a guild do you plan to progress past 2/8 hm. when i have alts that are 6/8 is zeph not doing his job that is what i hear your so mad about?
With ALL THESE UPDATES MAYBE U WILL GET 3/8 HM OHHH NOOOOOOO MAYBE zeph can get it up for ya, his dps that is
2\8h hpriest lf a good guild
Bump. Looking for a SOLID tank, and a few SOLID dps to be a part of our core group.
It's really frustrating to have people say they will show up and contribute, then not log in at the right time. >.<
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