Does this still drop?

Moon Guard
Anyone familiar with Chan's Imperial Robes?


I'm trying to figure out if it still drops. If not.. does anyone still have it that is willing to sell it to me?
04/12/2012 08:11 PMPosted by Awanii
Yes, just -really really- rare.

Ah! So it is still dropped by Mith'rethis the Enchanter? I've read a few things saying it's above his level now so he can't drop it.. which is why I was confused about its "dropability".
I've had several people tell me that it is no longer in the game. But Mogit still lists it. WoWhead and WoWpedia still show it as existing. Both say that they drop from Mith'rethis. I have seen some people selling this item for huge amounts of gold and claiming that it is an item that is no longer obtainable. My guess is that its still available but much more rare now.
From my understanding it was taken out ages ago. But you know Blizz.
It drops still.

The problem is it drops off only one rare mob in the game, and its drop rate is insanely low, about 1% or so. If you get the robes, consider yourself very lucky.

This isn't something you farm.
So does anyone know of an actual, first- or secondhand confirmed drop since Cata? Or are the "yes" responses coming from website info only?

I spent a couple months farming the "new" Mith in his static spawn point, along with all the rare mobs currently of the correct level range to drop the robes randomly (on the off chance they'd converted to a world drop), with no luck. I'd written them off.

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