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"We started it, because we had no home. No family. It was foolish to think others also weren't in the same situation, so we made it open to anyone looking for a place and a people to call theirs."

"And now we find ourselves needing to protect it."

The <Blackmoon Sentinels> are a group of independant combatants in service to the Alliance. In the beginning, it's doors were opened to all, without question of an individual's race, history, or even their chosen path. It's purpose was to provide a home and haven to those who needed it, when they needed it, for as long as they needed it without worry of obligation or debt.

Now, in the time the Vanguard has required to recover from her injuries, it is being given a new direction. No longer can they simply provide shelter. Now, they must DEFEND those they've agreed to take in, and that requires a more proactive role in things. War is upon them all, and the time for hiding behind the face of pacifism is over.

It is time to rebuild the ranks, the very heart and soul of Blackmoon. Old friendships will die, but new ones will be made. Alliegances will be forged and support promised, all in preparation for the ongoing war.

Korithane once asked her mentor, while she recovered, why she defended such a weak student. This was the answer she gave her: "Because what Blackmoon stands for is a noble goal that is dying amongst all the races. Each one strives to overcome the other in some way, battling against others, forming temporary alliances... You are non-exclusive. You look at the being behind the skin, shape, and form. It is a mentality that I do not want you to lose."

((OOC to be posted below))

<Blackmoon Sentinels> is a non-exclusive RP guild that intends to participate and possibly even engage in PvP. We intend to do regular events, both RP and PvP, and are aiming to get involved in the RP/RP-PvP community in both factions. We accept all races and classes, with a level requirement of 20+ for normal classes and 70+ for DKs.

Blackmoon was started at the beginning of 2011. We're still a young guild, and we haven't done a lot of growing. There's been a lot of trial and error, and as a new GM I've learned a lot through the multitude of failures. I won't sugar-coat it, I made mistakes. Hopefully I've learned from them, cause here I am trying to start it back up.

Recruitment is open. I'm looking for people interested in RP and PvP. You don't need to be "pro" in either, our core group stretches across the RP spectrum. You don't need an awesome PvP rating or even a single HK. This is a learning experience, for everyone, and it'll be treated as such. I'm interested in getting into the RP-PvP community, and am open to suggestions, advice, and criticism for improvement.

IC and OOC interviews will now be required for new members.

*-*Blackmoon Rank Structure*-*
Vanguard - The guild leader(s). In charge of maintaining order within the guild, running the guild, ensuring events are organized and run properly, and maintaining communication with other guild leaders (both within and without Blackmoon, where applicable).

Centurion - Senior officers. These people are trusted to assist the GM in managing the guild, and lead Blackmoon if the GM is absent. These officers may focus on either the RP side of the guild, or the PvP side, but one will step in for the other if need be. One does not outrank the other. In the event of a dispute, the GM will settle it.

Sentinel - "Junior officers." These people assist the Centurions with tasks as needed. As it goes for the Centurions, some may focus on one aspect more than the other, but they are expected to be relatively active in both. No Sentinel outranks another, and in the event of a dispute, it is passed up the chain of command to be dealt with.

Guardian/Defender - Two separate ranks, both are equal in status. Recruits being promoted can chose which one they wish to be. Guardian is the "PvP" rank, while Defender is the "RP" rank. As they are still members of a guild that RPs -and- PvPs, they are strongly encouraged to be active in both, instead of being ONLY an RPer or PvPer. (Plus, more fun to be had!)

Recruit - Entry level rank. Everyone is promoted here from civilian. Additional promotions are determined based on how active and committed the member is.

Civilian - Mostly alts. Players and their characters who are gone for an extended period of time, and have given word to the GM, will be placed here with notes to avoid being removed from the roster.

Inactive - Players and their characters are placed here after a couple weeks of inactivity, if they haven't given word in some form. After three or more weeks, the characters are removed from the guild. Exceptions are given to people who get in touch with the Senior Officers and GM, and those individuals are kept at the Civilian rank. Real life happens, we understand. Deployments, pregnancies, schooling, it's understandable. RL>WoW is a big rule, but LET US KNOW.

*-*Blackmoon Leadership*-*
Vanguards: Samirex
Centurions: Orchyd, Kalaerin
Sentinels: Kaedin, Jackidawkins, Vaelus

Others: Eziekeil, Talondarke, Cyllan

Feel free to contact any of the above characters/alts for more information, RP, PvP, events, or just to chat it up. We're looking forward to getting into the RP and RP-PvP communities and building connections!

Website: http://blackmoonsentinels.enjin.com/home

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Sounds like a good guild idea, but I'm all tired out of RP-PVP myself. Still, I wish you good luck! Bump for support. :)
((I was in a battleground a couple days ago, and it inspired me to write. Enjoy the story-bump!))


He hated the place. Despised it, even. For all it's surreal beauty, the place was downright horrible. It wasn't natural, how random chunks of land just... floated all over the place. One wrong step, and nothing save the grace of an unknown diety who took pity on you would save you from a possibly ugly fate.

It was the "calm before the storm," though, that he hated most. His equipment was prepped, his teammembers were ready to go. But until the order was given, they could only sit and wait. Some sat and fiddled around with their gear or someone else's gear, others just stared off as though lost in thought. One of the strike force members was apparently a closet church go-er; Eziekeil had been listening to him praying for the past hour.

Personally, he preferred to sit in silence. "Reflection" was what his employer once called it. He just called it "sitting in silence waiting for something to do." The man was never a fan of some of the philosophical mumbo-jumbo that other people were intermittently fond of. It didn't matter how much you spruced it up, sitting was just sitting. He grumbled to himself, before leaning back against his sapper pack and attempting to get a little shut-eye before they moved out.

A nervous rustle caused him to open one eye. There a few paces away was their newest member, a kid who was probably barely old enough to grow hair on his chest. His pale face and shaking hands betrayed just -how- new he was. "First time, boy?" Eziekeil asked, raising his head off his pack enough to properly look at him.

The young man started a bit, staring at the rogue before sheepishly putting his micro adjuster down. "I-I, no. I mean, yes. First time here. Doing... this." He gestured at the explosive charge before him with one hand, wiping the other over his forehead. "I wanted to make sure it was set right. It has to go off, right?"

Eziekeil stared at him for a moment, before rocking forward and crawling closer. Before speaking, he reached into the device and yanked out the trigger mechanism. "If you're going to fart around with it, at least make sure it doesn't blow the rest of us up." He dropped the part in the kid's lap, earning an embarrassed glare in return. "Now show me what you got."

The two spent the next half hour going over each of the charges the young man, Markus, had constructed. All in all, Eziekeil found the work to be passable. The wires were a bit messy and the detonation material could be backed tighter, but for a first-time job it really wasn't bad. Just as they were closing up the final bomb, the call was out. They were on the move.

Eziekeil patted Markus on the back after making sure both of their sapper packs were secured. "Don't worry. We'll get in, plant the bombs, and be out before they even know we were there. We never get any of the action."




It wasn't often that Eziekeil had to eat his own words. By the time they had all split up into smaller teams and gotten across, he and Markus had dispatched two Horde scouts. They stopped to rest at the base of a steep island-hill, before Eziekeil prepared the grappling gun to get them across the gap and towards their target. It was a small floating chunk of land that had somehow been towed closer, to serve as a temporary base of sorts. It was actually rather clever. Eziekeil wished he had thought of it himself.

"I thought we never got any action?" Markus asked between gulps of air and water from a canteen. "What do you call that?"

"A warm-up." He growled his response, before firing the gun. The clawed end of the grappling hook shot forward, dragging a long cable after it, and imbedded itself in the rock some distance away. "Get across, hurry. No telling how long until the ground drifts off again."

((Continued below. WTB more posting space))
((This is the last portion of the story bump from above. Enjoy! I intend to try to bump this thread with more than just "bump."))

The two wasted no time crossing the gap and getting to the hastily contructed bridge that kept the Horde's improvised base from floating off. As time was of the essence, Eziekeil had Markus post watch while he set the charges up. As he was connecting the last pair, he heard noise from across the bridge. They had been spotted.

"Get going!" He shoved the younger man away. "Get back and let them know the bridge is out. I'll catch up!"

"But-" Markus began to protest, before Eziekeil whirled on him and bared his canines. He shrank back slightly, and waited until his comrade had regained his control and postponed the shift for a little while longer. "R-right. Be safe!"

"Whatever, kid." Eziekeil muttered to himself as Markus disappeared down a cliff. "You're in more danger than me." Quickly, he finished connecting the necessary wires before jumping to his feet to engage the first orc. All he had to do was hold them off until the fireworks started.

Oddly enough, the orc actually wasn't a challenge. Eziekeil almost felt bad as he dumped the body over the edge of the landmass, watching as it disappeared into the abyss below. The brute was probably as fresh to combat as Markus-

Oh no.

The worgen dropped to all fours and took off, tracking the boy by scent. He passed some ruins that looked to be of Legion origin before skidding to a halt on a ledge that overlooked the bridge. Down below was Markus, on his knees, held tight by the summoned spawn of a warlock. Crouched before him was one of the forsaken. Eziekeil couldn't hear, but it looked like the enemy was actually taunting the man before killing him.

He wasn't sure which was the hardest part, watching the blade plunge into the man's chest and twist, or hearing the two jeering as they left the body on the ground. Eziekeil bared his fangs, before slinking down after them. It was time to hunt.


He returned to find the remaining Alliance forces in full swing of their victory celebration. The rogue was bloody, battered, but still walking, Markus' body slung over one shoulder and a bloody bundle in the opposite hand. Eziekeil absently handed the package to the first officer he saw, and had he been in a better mood, would have laughed when the man recoiled with disgust and dropped the heads of a forsaken and a goblin, followed by the shattered pieces of a soul stone. Instead, he only made his way to the area sectioned off for the dead, gently placing Markus in an empty box.

"What happened to him?" The priest in charge of giving the deceased their last rites asked.

"... He was just a kid." Eziekeil rumbled, before limping away to lick his wounds. It was time for a little "reflection."
IC/RP Events for the month of May

Aside the usual guild meeting, one of the IC events coming up for may is a class! Seminar. Demonstration. Whatever. (Others will be announced as they are planned.)

Eziekeil will be giving a presentation on explosives. There will be more than just bombs, though, but folks love the fireworks most. The agenda is as follows:

1. A discussion on the design and uses of machinery, and their advantages and disadvantages. The speaker may even present some of his own modifications to his personal machines.
- The popular "mechanohog"
- The almost-as-popular flying machine
- The rocket (transportation version)
- The demolisher
- The siege engine
- The steam tank
2. A discussion on the design and uses of various gadgets, both those restricted to an engineer's talent and those for every day and common use, and their advantages and disadvantages.
- Parachutes, and parachute cloaks
- Rocket boots, and bodily-mounted rockets
- Goggles, bots, and defensive equipment (shields, pulse generators, etc.)
- Scopes and firearm addons
3. A discussion on the design and use of a variety of explosives, their advantages and disadvantages, and a hands-on section where people can construct their own "party poppers" (otherwise known as "flash-bangs").
- General fragmentation explosives
- Smoke, flash, general "signal" explosives (FIREWORKS)
- Incendiary and freezing
- "Nonlethal" types

This is mainly for Blackmoon members, but if non-guild members would like to attend, they are welcome! It will be held in Ironforge at Eziekeil's place of residence, in the Hall of Explorers. May 19th at 7 PM server time!

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Running-on-less-than-two-hours-of-sleep bump.

WTB coffee. Or a nap.

I'm looking to get Blackmoon some IC connections! Allies, enemies, and everything in between. Once I can log in for more than 10 minutes at a time (this month sucks for time, good god), I'm going to try to get in contact with willing and interested GMs of guilds in both factions.

Now, if only I could log in long enough to do so. /passes out
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Hoping that RL will have settled down enough for me to actually -do- stuff, since I've been gone for a little bit in-game. It's difficult running a guild when you aren't present to do so. >.<
Edited Ezie's event post with a location!
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((Mini-story-bump. Cause honestly, I suck at writing anything that's short. ._. ))

Light, was she sore.

But then, being shot at such a close range probably had that affect on most people.

Samirex stared up at the ceiling, head resting on one arm. While she was still unfamiliar with Darnassus, she had become a good customer of the local smiths, who were currently in possession of her badly damaged armor. It had been dented, burned, and torn; it was a miracle she herself had suffered little more than bruises and scratches. Kalaerin had been fortunate that her human friend had more or less stumbled across her tussle with "Copperwolf." Had Samirex not been nearby...

She really didn't want to think about that.

It was only a couple days before a handful of them were due to set out for Feralas to assist some of the night elf forces there. After that, there was word of possible conflict with the Horde near Fort Triumph. Hopefully, her equipment would be in working order and she would be allowed to go. There was still plenty of time until their departure, and that meant she could not sit idle.

With a huff, the young woman swung her feet over the side of the bed and stood. She could at least busy herself by updating the bounties that had been previously posted in the area. The man wasn't caught yet, and he was bold enough to come after them just outside a city's walls.

EDIT: Naturally, a certain word that is another term for scratch is all symbols. Hrmph.
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*The young worgen looks back and forth before taking the post and putting it on top of all the others before running off*

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I don't mind.

... pre-work bump. Sad I'm missing today and tomorrow's portion of the RPPvP campaign in the Barrens. I just got Sami her PvP sword. ;-;

If any of my people make me look bad, so help me, I'll beat them into submission with a fish. A BIG one. With teeth. Like a tiger fish.
Bump for having one of those silly banner of ownership things shoved through me during PvP at the Battlescar event yesterday.


Seems people took me seriously when I said this was "Sami the Free HK." Pfffft. XD
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Ferazhin, I do not see bumping. >:[

Post-Battlescar bump! All in all, an enjoyable event. Wish there had been more RP, but who the hell am I kidding? I loved getting my teeth knocked down my throat. XD

Besides, I'm sure there will be RP happening as a result of the event, anyway. Sami should probably link up with a few people for... stuff. Or something.
Bump because 1) Thinking about transferring
2) Thinking about joining this guild.
3) You guys sound epic.
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:D We've always got spots for people. It'll be nice to get another night elf. Poor Orchyd's lonely.

Also, your name rocks. <3

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