Thrall Arena Passers? Passholders?Passengers?

Who signed up for arena pass?
Who needs a disc priest? ....It's all i know :(
Who wants to carry me to victory!?!?
i signed up and will be playing a rogue, haven't looked for a team yet :D
Oh, neat. Got a guy horde side who wants in too. Think he said something about an Spriest or warrior.

I have a vent server so we don't even have to muddy up the FFS waters with my childish sobbing when we lose.

We have our 3 core players and 1 alternate but have room for 2 more alternates (Alliance side).

I don't think any of us are too hardcore about this so if you are just signed up for the pet or even just for the fun of it drop me a line and we'll try and make it happen if we still have room.

I'd like to see Vanquisher title but I'll not be bent out of shape if it doesn't happen.

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