[A-RP] The <Kharanei> Order.

Wyrmrest Accord
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Please visit our website at kharanei.guildlaunch.com for a comprehensive look at our guild, and what we're all about.

<Kharanei> is an Alliance, Draenei centered, guild on the Wyrmrest Accord (WrA) RP server. We seek to offer immersive RP based in Draenei lore and culture. We are looking for members who are dedicated, who have a love of lore and storytelling, and enjoy walk-up RP. We are a mature group of players, and gladly accept others of like mind as well as those who are just learning the ropes of RP and WoW.

Our RP is currently anchored within the Exodar, though our members are actively encouraged to engage in walk up RP in other areas. We also encourage our members to participate on our forums.

The primary focus of <Kharanei> is RP, though we try to do older content raids on Sundays. Some of our members do enjoy and engage in PvP and PvE though this is not our active focus. We are in the process of making full guild runs more possible in this regard.

Our Purpose:
I made this guild because I love RP. I wanted to provide my players with an immersive RP experience, a guild master and officers they could count on, and opportunities for walk-up RP. I want Kharanei to be a supportive group of mature players who are willing to help each other out and who have a thirst for good RP.

As such, we expect to:
-Encourage and engage in walk-up RP. As an extension of this, we are bringing RP to the Exodar!
-Create and participate in RP events that generate a sense of community in the guild and at large.
-Foster a fun, supportive, atmosphere for players.
-Help our members with the game, with lore, and with RP.

We want a mature community that is focused on RP, that respects one another as well as other players, and continually works together with relatively little drama.

Membership Requirements:

1.) Draenei only (* see below).
2.) Active Roleplayers only.
3.) Must have a working knowledge or willingness to learn Draenei lore.
4.) Must be willing to RP within the limitations established and accepted as 'canon' in Blizzard Lore.

1.) Players who play a Draenei main and are established and reputable guild members may have "PVE/PVP alts" in the guild. These are not actual members but achievement alts and can be from any race.
2.) <Kharanei> actively encourages guild members to 'take it to the streets' and engage in pickup RP throughout known RP hubs.
3.) <Kharanei> works actively with other guilds to establish in-game relations between different orders through the use of weekly RP events.
4.) <Kharanei> schedules two RP events weekly, including meetings, storytelling and plot-based RP.
5.) We run old-content raids, current content dungeons / heroics and are dabbling into the possibility of looking at raiding in the future.

With gratitude to Miiuni for authoring our Requirements and Initiatives section above so succinctly in another thread that I simply had to use it.
Place saver.
For you draenei:


Exodar's fixed my blue blob brothas!
I just started reading that when I saw it mentioned on the forums.
A little friendly welcome and bump from The Shanre :)
Nice group of people and great role players!

Thank you! :)
My friend introduced me to this most excellent band yesterday. They're called Orphaned Land.

My thanks to Shanre for inviting us along to some fun raids and showering me with adorable emotes at the Darnassus bank-tree. I feel loved. ;~;
What? O_O;
04/17/2012 03:53 AMPosted by Bärnaby
My thanks to Shanre for inviting us along to some fun raids and showering me with adorable emotes at the Darnassus bank-tree. I feel loved. ;~;
♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you guys for coming! Was a lot of fun, definitely looking forward to Ulduar Thursday with you fine spacerams. :B

Yay! You're welcome!
And I have no idea either Vorkhan!
Hey, it is you!!!

It was really nice to rp with you the other night and look forward to more fun times.
Yay! Thank you!
Hello, Lorcan!

I hope that the Kharanei are doing well! You guys should really head out to our lands some day or us to your own. I would really like if us race specific "guilds" could come together and roleplay every once in a while. I mean come on how awesome would it be to have a few groups of race only guilds standing together for screenshots and rp! I know that ICLY it would be hard to explain though with our reat minds put together I am sure we can come up with something? Well, till another time.
Hey, it is you!!!

It was really nice to rp with you the other night and look forward to more fun times.

One of our Order nearly died from the amount of alcohol you forced him to consume. Also, this one's robes were stained during the... festivities. You shall be receiving a bill for both the Healing, and the Cleaning. Good day, Noble Dwarf.

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