[A-RP] The <Kharanei> Order.

Wyrmrest Accord
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Bumping with Deep Roleplay Possibilities.
Up you go!
Hup-ho! :)
Ah, been a long time since I've said hi.


How's everyone's favorite all-spacegoat guild doin' these days?
Busy in RL, but good!
This has been left lie for quite a while. :O

Methinks I shall offer a bump. *nodnod*
Poor, neglected thread. *pets the thread*

Up you go, now.
Oh good, somebody bumped it.
This guild is still going, so if you're one of those strange people who likes draenei a lot, and you can roleplay well, we'd love to have you.
Nice people here :D
Burning Crusade "Behind the Scenes" - The Draenei:

Up you go!
For future diplomatic discussions bump
Uuuuuuup you go! :D
Aaaand up with you!

As for you, Mr. Moonknyght, you'd probably get the best results by contacting one of the officers, in-game regarding such a potentiality, if you haven't already. ;) That way, the officers can have a good ol' chat about it amongst themselves and/or with you. :)
Up you go, now! Heave!
Up! Up with you!

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