most annoying sound in wow?

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You ever smack a Female Blood Elf really hard with a Critical Hit?

Yeah, that one.
Oh and that singing sunflower its extremely annoying...
1) Sindragosa

2) Human male laugh and aggro

3) Worgen hunters with cat pets in the AH *Yawn* *sniff sniff* ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Shut UP!
04/14/2012 03:36 AMPosted by Sebastien
Draenei male laugh.

This, so much this. I've heard that godawful sound in my nightmares more than once, and I do my best to avoid Shattrath if I can, as there's one right there when you teleport in. It's like a crying baby mixed in with a screaming pig accompanied by nails on a chalkboard.

Hate that #$%*@.
FemBelf combat sounds...those fugly grunting noises make me want to stab myself in the face.
worgan sniff and gem crafters when they are making gems


omg, my guild was cockblocked on Sindragosa back during ICC, and with bad attendance, we never got her down (tank deciding to jet to another server cause his e-girlfriend dumped him didn't help).

whats the most annoying sound in wow?
my vote would have to go with the sound when that toy train set thing goes off in a crowd.
I will run away as fast as I can when somebody sets one up.

If it bothers you that much you should consider purchasing the train smasher

$10. Lil XT. No Cooldown, and all your alts get it, too.
Oh and gnome voices. They're so damn perky. Every time I click on a gnome NPC I want to punch it in its cute little face.
my dbm when i keep standing in fire.
When you kill those razormane pig things in the southern barrens and they let out that squeal. I think that's my most hated. Especially when you had to collect their tusks I think it was so you ended up having to kill heaps of them.
Spammer of the Righteous.

sunflower pet I will kill every last one of them


oh, and Female Blood Elf /roar
04/17/2012 03:48 AMPosted by Breadstick

Glad to see you're wearing clothes again
XT-002 and every line he says.

I'm a loser and a Cata Kid, and did Ulduar for the the first time not too long ago. When I stepped into the junkyard and heard that boss, I felt nothing but a growing hatred. A hatred that even bypassed my dislike of male draenei and male gnome laughs.
Sunflowers. This one doesn't annoy me much anymore now that they're sparce.

Hyenas. Our hunter had one. I wanted to kill him.

Goblins. Both male and female. Please reroll. Especially the shaman.

GUNS. I was so happy when I read hunters could transmog their guns into bows.

TRAINS. I developed such a reputation for train hate that a friend actually bought me Lil 'XT. Granted, she did it as a thanks for all the help I gave her, but still.

Although I'm not annoyed in the slightest by female blood elves or Sindragosa.
Cat companion yawns.
Fail voice acting.
The sound of my enemies spamming heals.
Worgen sniffing.

I could come up with more but I would run out of space.

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