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So my character is a JC and has made a steady profit shuffling ore and selling red cut gems.

A week or so back I bought some shards from a guy who after the transaction asked why I kept undercutting his red gem auctions. I explained that this is just how the market worked.

A day or so later the same guy whispered and asked the same thing and then the conversation turned to him being the 2nd richest player on the realm and how he could profit even if he sold his cuts at way below mean (I smelled directly botted ore in that statement).

He then proceeded to threaten and bully me by basically saying he would flood the market and make it impossible for me and other average players to profit in that market. He then did exactly that. He got all James Bond villain during the whisper suggesting that he as a shark had no time for little fishes!

Naturally annoyed I reported his bullying to Blizzard.

Fast forward to last night. Another character of mine switched to selling the cut gems and he whispered it and basically threatened the same thing. 'Do not undercut me or I will destroy you' and then he went and did the exact same thing.

Now I appreciate that he can sell his cut gems for whatever he likes (although questions should perhaps be asked how profit is made on such transactions) but the threats and bullying are surely not acceptable.

The fact that this guy may or may not be the 2nd richest player on the realm should not give him the right for such behaviour.

He should at least be given a virtual slap for such behaviour.

Your opinions are appreciated.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, I know for a fact he isn't the second richest player on the server.

WELL, I MEAN. I guess I don't -know- that, but the rich people I've met have been incredible helpful, nice, and well-rounded individuals. People with that sort of attitude don't make their gold legitimately.

That aside, He should be given a slap for his behavior. There is no excuse for acting like that to anyone, regardless of the situation. It doesn't matter if they just insulted your dead grandmother. I totally agree with you here, and hope that he is punished.
Meh, he probably plays a lot of eve where that kind of behavior is not only encourage, but almost mandatory.
When you say "threatening and bullying", there's an important distinction to be made.

Threat Type A: Business
"Oh yeah?! Well, I'm going to undercut you and drive you bankrupt! You tried to mess with the bull, now you get the horns!"

Threat Type B: Not Okay
"Oh yeah?! Well, if you don't stop undercutting me, I'm gonna make you wish you'd never been born. Go drink bleach and die: it'll be more pleasant than what's gonna happen to you if you keep this up. You've got 48 hours."

If we're talking about Type-A threats, that's sort of how business works. It's bad form to spit and hiss at competitors, but the behaviour also doesn't cross any lines. He's within his rights to deliberately undercut you (and to flood the market, and--if his resources allow--to effectively shut minor players out of the AH altogether), because that's how capitalism works. Threatening to perform "legal" acts isn't actionable, unless the language and tone are a TOS violation unto themselves. (Doesn't make the interactions pleasant, but if all we have against him is an unpleasant demeanour, /ignore seems to be the best option.)

If we're talking about Type-B threats, then I'm tremendously sorry that you've had this experience and urge you to take it up with Blizzard immediately, with as much documentation and reference material as possible.
Get a bunch of friends together and farm up the stuff to destroy his business. :D
It would be awesome if enough people stood up to him, and forced him to continually sell his gems at a low low rate. Totally stating this in your best interest, mm-hm.
Flood the market as much as you can. Get friends involved. Cut off the gold supply and he'll flee, hopefully. I'm curious as to who this is. hmm
this reminds me of the gem troll from the end of wrath
i laughed every time i saw that paragraph of text
video game economy thread

WELL, I MEAN. I guess I don't -know- that, but the rich people I've met have been incredible helpful, nice, and well-rounded individuals. People with that sort of attitude don't make their gold legitimately.

Hi. I'm the exception to this.
So is half the other rich people on the server
People who do such things do so because they're afraid of you doing exactly what your'e doing, so they're trying to intimidate you into change.

If the player's text rates a report.... report them. Otherwise put on /ignore and continue to do exactly as you have been.
Report him. And feel free to drop his name so people know not to do business with him. In fact, let me know his name so I can hunt him down if I see him in PVP anytime. I really, REALLY hate people who try to monopolize and abuse the AH. This kind of thing, which is too often overlooked by Blizzard, is one of the major problems with the game economy.
He can do whatever he wants regarding auction house listings. Report him for the whispers, ignore him and move on as usual, you can't really do anything else and what he's done isn't warranting of any more. If he really wants to undercut everything you do, there are ways to deal with that within the auction house itself which I'm sure you're familiar with.
I know exactly who you are talking about. And generally the above advice is true, but this person threatens a LOT of people. I have a bank toon and I compete with him regularly. I don't put him on ignore. I tell him "I don't want to be bothered and I will report you if you keep up this harassment." And then I do report him every time he tries to taunt me.

With enough reports from as many different subscribers, then maybe Blizz will do something. I know of two major sellers that have stopped playing or at least stopped playing the AH because of this guy.

So I would just give him a warning that you don't want to be harassed, and if he continues, keep reporting him.

Eventually, Blizz will deal with him.
Find him, skin him and wear him.

Serious answer, let him be a jackass, just keep reporting because what he is doing is harassment.

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