ilvl 398 frost dk LF raiding guild.

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Baleron of Fenris, I'm looking for a raiding guild that raids Tue and Thur nights roughly around 8-11. i have 8/8 reg DS experience and heroic chock (did it once though, didn't really get the right comp to do it again) have raid lead experience.
Hey Baleron,

We're the guild that you've been looking for. We're very solid group of dedicated players, we have a great friendly and mature community. As a guild, we are clear on our goals and we have a plan in place, but most importantly we have a first class leadership team that is going to take us there. In conclusion, we are looking for talent and your looking to be apart of something great, I say that is a perfect match! Come check us out!

Real ID: brede1337(at)


What are our objectives?

Our goal is to become top 100 raiding guild.

When do we raid?

We raid at the following day(s) and time(s):

    Sunday (8:30pm - 11:30pm PST)
    Tuesday (8:30pm - 11:30pm PST)
    Wednesday (8:30pm - 11:30pm PST)

What loot distribution system do we use?

We currently use EPGP system for loot distribution. If you are unfamiliar what is EPGP, EPGP is based on the concept of Effort Points and Gear Points. Effort Points quantify the effort each member put towards the (common) guild goals and Gear Points quantify what each member got back in return. Loot priority is computed as the quotient of the two; priority (PR) is equal to EP/GP.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for the following qualitie(s):

  • Players that posses an in-depth knowledge of their class which includes but not limited to, optimum talent specs, gear itemization, stat priorities and reforging.
  • Players that have an acute awareness to their surrounds and are able to intelligently improvise.
  • Players that come prepared, raid ready with consumables such as flasks, potions, food, etc.
  • Players that take time to research fights before raid to help minimize the learning curve for new content.
  • Players that have the patience and the endurance to wipe repeatedly on new content as part of a learning process.
  • Players that have good natured personalities absolutely no drama queens. We're here to have fun, not to babysit.

In addition we also expect:

  • 90% minimum attendance
  • Ventrilo with a working mic
  • Computer hardware capable of handling 25 man graphic intensive raiding environments

You can apply at our guild website at Remember first impressions are very important, so be thorough on your application and good luck!
If you're also available Wednesdays, we may be a good fit for you. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the times stated and are looking to recruit some additional melee DPS. If that fits, I'd love to hear from you either in-game or with an application on our guild site. Here's our info:

<Absolute> of Ysera is recruiting for 25-man Cataclysm and beyond. We are a guild focused on
progression and pushing down Heroic content as quickly as possible.

We originally made our debut on the Aegwynn server over 5 years ago. On Aegwynn, we were the top Alliance guild throughout all of The Burning Crusade and most of WOTLK until ICC. We were the second guild to get attuned for TK/SSC and Hand of Adal for Hyjal and BT. We got all of the Alliance server firsts in BT and Hyjal, and cleared the first 3 bosses of Sunwell Pre-Nerf. In WOTLK we remained the top guild clearing Naxx, Ulduar, and TOC. Aegwynn did not have the type of players we were looking to recruit at the time, so we moved to Ysera where we recruited more core raiders and continued to clear ICC and it's hardmodes. We finished FL as realm 2nd, following a world top 100 guild. With the loss of multiple core raiders at the beginning of Dragon Soul and a hard time dealing with progression, we have returned our former Guild Master to his position and are currently recruiting in hopes of restoring our guild to it's proper place at the top of progression.

<Absolute>'s current 25-man raid times are as follows:

Tuesday 8pm-11pm EST
Wednesday 8pm-11pm EST
Thursday 8pm-11pm EST

If things outside of the PvE scene interest you, we have many additional things to offer, including:
Two Alt 10-man Groups Each Week
Guild Achievement Runs
Weekly Heroic Firelands Runs for Legendaries
Guild PvP
In short, we are a very social guild.

Our loot system, applications, and any further info needed can all be found on our website at:

The following players can be contacted with questions:

We are recruiting for a core position on one of our 10 man raiding teams. We are currently 6/8 Heroic in DS. After we go 8/8H we will combine the teams and become a 25 man team for MOP.

About us: Veritas is a Horde raiding guild on the Velen server 6/8 Heroic DS. We offer a mature raiding environment with a laid back atmosphere while still consistently pushing for progression. Having been one of the first guilds formed on our server, we also sport a long history on Velen. Since BC, Veritas has been a progressive guild with steadfast raiders who are determined to conquer the current content as quickly as possible.

Our raid Days: Tue/Wed/Thur or Tue/Thur/Mon. Each 10 man runs on one set of those days, Whenever we go 25, we will vote on which set of days works best for our raiders. Raid Times are: 6:00 Server – 9:00 Server. With invites going out at 5:45 Server (server is on Pacific time)

Our Server: Velen is a medium population PVE server with slightly more Alliance than horde (60/40). However, Horde has more progression in PVE than the Alliance side. The economy is strong and AH prices are quite reasonable. Our guild is currently ranked 7th on our server and because of our return to 25 mans and our level of talent we believe we have a good chance at server 1sts during MOP.

Loot System: For 25 mans, we will be utilizing an EP/GP loot system with everyone starting out on an even playing field with the release of MoP. Until then, the 10 mans will be Free Roll on MS, then OS. *We do a trial period for new recruits, during this trial they may roll on loot but it will be rewarded to full members first. Once you have proven your ability to attend raids on time and be an asset to the team you will be promoted to full “raider” status. You will likely still receive many upgrades as a “trial” depending on your gear needs.

What we expect: Must have an exceptional understanding of your class. Flawless attendance; raiding needs to be a priority to you. Correct gemming, glyphing, speccing and reforging. If you can justify a variation from accepted best practice, we're all ears. Good internet and computer. Constant DC’s are not accepted and will cause you to lose your raid spot .If you are a highly skilled player, please apply even if your class is closed. We are always looking for strong members :)

If this sounds like a good fit for you Contact Paticakes in Game- ( Real-Id) or Nyte in Game- We would love to hear from you!

Guild Website (for info and to Apply!):

Wow Progress Link:
Hey Bale!

The Horsemen is interested in you!

if you enjoy 25 man raiding, in a fun casual (9 hours a week) schedule, while still competing for top US ranks (83 atm) then you should be interested in The Horsemen!!We are a Horde Shadowmoon guild who has been around for 5 years and we would like to see you throw up an app on our forums!
is our website and you can always talk to me in game at

Thank you!

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