Horde Druids Unite!

Hello, I am looking to faction change my Night Elf druid to either a Troll or Tauren, but for the life of me I cannot decide! I care more about looks, than what racial is the best..etc. I was curious to see what some Trolls/Tauren druids in a variety of gear, and I thought why not just look at the players themselves!

So either just post to say hello on a horde druid (any race, any gender), or post some of the small quality's you like about your druid's race. Whether it be "Trolls have an amazing history" or "I adore the little Tauren hoofs when they Tiptoe through The Tulips™".

Finally before it gets asked I have already looked around the forum here, and I am mainly finding Night Elves, Worgen, and Tauren, but no Trolls :(. Thank you!
I like the ability to fit through doorways and arches without dismounting, something that my Druid's previous race was incapable of.
Yes, fitting through doorways are nice, especially whe the DW staff procs. Other than that... TAUREN ALL THE WAY BABY!
Troll druids look better in gear and they look better on mounts

I used to be a tauren druid and I hated it, I looked completely ridiculous. Druid t4/t6 is the only druid tier that looks somewhat decent on tauren.

And flying mounts/land mounts? you can forget about that, tauren look stupid on all mounts. Taurens on mounts is like a mount riding another mount.

Go Troll imo, they look better in gear and they have a useful racial for pve.

Also troll animal forms>tauren animal form
I too was once a Tauren, yes I had the surgery. The only thing I miss about being Tauren is Flight form. Bats don't land like a Tauren crow does, which means I can no longer land on water as a crow, drop form and fish as if I had water walking.

If you play moonkin, Troll for sure, Berzerking racial is nice and all your armor looks better.

If you are a herbalist the harvesting speed is pro.

If you like using flying mounts (Drakes in particular) Taurens make them take up most of your screen.

Final verdict, Be a Troll Mon and make sure go fish up Danath's Copper Coin.
I miss my Tauren flight form, but yeah.. that's probably about it.

Trolls, woo!
Tauren all the way. Not only were they the original druids (on the horde side), but the troll forms are WAY too bright for me...
04/15/2012 03:55 AMPosted by Alphadruid
You can't look this good when you're a cow.

Sure you can. Hooves > 2 toes, no shoes.
Trolls be flippin' out mon!
trolls are the better looking of the 2 options + better racials so its win win.
troll cat form is the only cool thing about them, tauren looks better in every other form :)

just look at this face, this is a face that says "dont mess with me i'm a bull"
we are the horde, we are the evil things that make weak men tremble!
Horde can be lil birdies, but alliance cant be a bat, rub it in.

and Troll kitties look better :-D

and who needs to land(bird form) just a sign your lazy, us trolls never need to take a lil break on ground when flying.
I'm dead sexy. Also why no love for Troll bear form? It's grown on me.
One way to go about it is to go to a website that features 3d models and see what the gear looks like. I personaly like http://www.wowhead.com/ .

Could also get an add on like atlas loot that lets you view all the items in game. Then you roll a nameless character of the race/gender combo and view how it would look in game.
04/15/2012 10:48 AMPosted by Winký
troll cat form is the only cool thing about them, tauren looks better in every other form :)

Ahem. Excuse me ma'am, but moonkin form.
May the moo be with you.
Tauren or death.
04/16/2012 06:34 AMPosted by Fayup
Tauren or death.

I love my tauren druid! Lets face it, druids can be quite the challenge in pvp... so why wouldn't you want all the stam you can get ? Stam is optimum in pvp and the extra life will also help you in bear for end game tanking. Not only that , but you'll slightly have the upper edge because of warstomp. Clutch warstomps are op and can make or break a fight if used correctly after cd's and trinkets are burned. Lastly the size of the tauren should not go unnoticed. The scale of a tauren druid shows off the cool factor of druid armor perfectly! I played a gnome mage for 7 years and was used to being tiny, however, seeing my armor as big as possible in its full splendor now is awesome!

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