Low DPS? Help me please?

Death Knight
Okay so im a really big noob..lmao. ive only been playing for about a month and a half or so.. and i never really had this problem on my pally. But on my dk i always have people commenting on how bad my dps is during dungeons.. I noticed some of my gear didnt have strength or stamina on it. So I got MOST of my gear changed and still have a few i need to change..some i still need to change though, the dps got better but is still pretty low. So if i change all my gear to gear with strength and stamina will my dps be normal? I had another person tell me if i wanted to do better dps i should change my spec to unholy.. and i know most of you are gonna say i need glyphs, but alot of the people i play with dont have glyphs and there doing fine without them and said they arent planning on getting them tilll 80.. so my question is... can you tell me why my dps is so low? I would really appreciate it because i really need it a normal dps for my level, im not asking to help me get amazing dps.. just decent so i wont get so many comments during dungeons. Ty and please try not to be too harsh :)

Note: I am aware of my !@#$ty chest piece with intellect..
Was it necessary to make the same thread twice...?
Tank to 85 and be 50% of the dps.
Wny did you make 3 threads for this? this forum is kinda slow, but its resposive, it isnt /b/, you dont need to spam to get a response

agi head, replace it

glyph, it helps, frost strike, oblit, and HB are most important

as far as your spec goes, copy the one from the sticky, you dont need on a pale horse, you could use that in annihalation, get rid of chillbains, max out rime, and dont use ToT if you're not dual wielding.

other than all that, check your priority system, read the sticky.
Frost 2handed dps is pretty low. As useless as you think glyphs are, they are worth it if you are trying to pull decent numbers. Frost Strike glyph is especially important for 2hander frost, if that's what you want to stick with.

Also, RUNE YOUR WEAPON, it's a free awesome enchant that gives you 15% extra strength proc. That's huge for pulling good numbers.

You should also avoid filling out partial talents like that. 1/3 threat of thaurassian won't do any good for 2hander or one hander. 1/3 or 2/3 in a talent often never gives you the proper benefit. Always max a talent unless you only need 1 in something to get to the next tier.
Go blood, and tank dungeons. If DPS is what you're so worried about then always be on top and respec blood.

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