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Emerald Dream
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Taken from the previous progression thread! If you have not updated the previous thread, please start posting here! If you achieved server first on any kills, please state that!

Neutral Party: I am here to track and ONLY track progression on this server as a neutral party. I am not going to play favorites with any guild, including my own.

When you are updating your guild's info on your progress, you must list the bosses you downed.


- normal completed
= normal server first
+ heroic completed
* heroic server first
O 10m completion

SG - The Stone Guard
FA - Feng The Accursed
Gar - Gara'jal The Spiritbinder
SK - Spirit Kings
Ele - Elegon
Emp - Will of the Emperor

Mogu'shan Vaults SG FA Gar SK Ele Emp
<H> Shattered Oath 5/6H + + + * + -
<A> Absolute 1/6H - - - - - -
<H> Nightstalkers 6/6 - - - - - -
<A> Reague of Regends 6/6 - - - - O O
<H> Reunited 6/6 - - - - - -
<A> Violent Apathy 4/6 - - - O

IVZ - Imperial Vizier Zor'lok
BLT - Blade Lord Ta'yak
Gara - Garalon
WLM - Wind Lord Mel'jarak
ASU - Amber-Shaper un'sok
GES - Grand Empress Shek'zeer

Heart of Fear IVZ BLT Gara WLM ASU GES
<H> Shattered Oath 6/6 = = - = - -
<A> Absolute 4/6 - - O O
<H> Reunited 4/6 - - - -
<H> Nightstalkers 3/6 - - -

Prot - Protectors of the Endless
Tsu - Tuslong
Lei - Lei Shi
Fear - Sha of Fear

Terrace Of The Endless Spring Prot Tsu Lei Fear
<H> Shattered Oath 3/4 - - - =
<H> Nightstalkers
<A> Absolute
<A> Reague of Regends
Dragon Soul MC YS Zz Hra Ux Gshp DW MW
<H> Shattered Oath 8/8H * * * * * * * *
<H> Nightstalkers 8/8H + + + + + + + +
<A> Absolute 6/8H + + + + + + - -
<A> Highly Unorthodox 3/8H + + - - + - - -
<A> Kingship Of The East1/8H + - - - - - - -
<A> Axiom 1/8H + - - - - - - -
I believe HU got Heroic Skittles down last week. not positive on that one though.
Please Help Sticky.
Nightstalkers has downed Ultrax Heroic, not gunship :P
Thanks for the sticky guys :D
Nightstalkers downed Heroic Zon'ozz.
25 heroic spine of deathwing
grats on progression
i need a PVE guild to join for mists and to help me get the legendarys.
Nightstalkers downed Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn.
I'm going to make a small commentary here especially toward new people looking to come to this server for PVE.

Yes, we have a great W-PVP scene.

Yes, we have a strong RP community.

and, yes there is a dedicated PVE community.

"But, Bio there wasn't one "relevant" Firelord guild in all of ED nor was there any pre-nerf DS clears."

Again, to compare the Sargeras' or the Illadowns of WoW to ED is silly. There's always going to be an ebb and flow to overall PVE progression.

Is there progression? Absolutely.
Are there 25mans looking to stay competitive? Yessir.

Just because the PVE here doesn't cater to the bleeding edge, doesn't denote the fact that there is a bevvy of raiding guilds that satisfies the "meat and potatos" of the raiding community.

As a marker when i transferred here, ED was ranked roughly around 110 out of 246 US servers. We're now 79th (a week ago or so I could have sworn we were 74th). Anywho, again not a huge marker in the grand scheme of things but a noteworthy one nonetheless.
So, to you PVE'ers looking for a new home come MoP where you can not only kill dargons but proudly emote your "battle cry" as you topple over said Dwarf or Orc.

ED will welcome you.
Nightstalkers downed Heroic Spine.
Grats Kaelyn and fellow Nightstalkers. I am proud of you guys :)
07/03/2012 10:15 AMPosted by Rapidfury
Grats Kaelyn and fellow Nightstalkers. I am proud of you guys :)

Thanks Rapid! We miss you!
Heroic Madness of Deathwing dead!!!
Nice work, Nightstalkers! Grats on 8/8 heroic DS!
GDKP run forming aug 3rd.

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