(25M) Guild Progression(MOP Updated)

Emerald Dream
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Upon release of pre mop patch, threads will be updated for MoP progression.
Progression threads have been updated please let me know if I've forgotten anyone and conversely if you know if any guilds above have disbanded.

I'll be posting up the other two raids as they come out.
Abs went 6/8 Heroic 25 man.
Both DS tables will be locked for progression going forward.
Thanks for this Biooh. :)
For the 25mans starting with a 10s please indicate what your first kills are size wise and then I'll adjust accordingly when they're killed on 25m.
Good luck to everyone tonight.

Remember to please post name of kills and for server firsts, date and time. but i will be checking wowprogress to verify as well for those guilds who dont post here.
Shattered Oath defeated the Stone Guard 25.
Nightstalkers killed Stone Guard on 10 man. We'll be starting 25s next tuesday, fyi.
Shattered Oath defeats Feng the Accursed 25.
Shattered Oath defeated Gara'jal the Spiritbinder 25.
Reunited - 10m Feng
I think some of you have the wrong thread for these posts.
yea but i dont feel like sliding them over jjust for a week so i re-made the key when they start the 25m's next week, i'll re-adjust when they re-kill everything

all guilds have been noted and indicated as a 25m and their kill wont reflect that until they do actually kill a boss on 25m.
Shattered Oath defeats the Spirit King Procession 25.

(After the berserk timer, glory to kiting)
Do Work!
Nightstalkers killed Feng (once again on 10 man for the week)
Nightstalkers killed Gara'jal (10).
Nighstalkers killed Spirit Kings.

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