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10/17/2012 02:43 PMPosted by Biooh
Hey biooh, would it be a wise idea to combined 10 man and 25 man thread. 25 man guilds are so few. With the O and - symbols it would it is easier to tell which guilds are doing what. Also A lot of 10 man isn't raiding or isn't even still going. You might want to keep the list clean until they down their first boss in normal msv or tell you that they are raiding as of Oct. 2012.

it would definitely simplify things and the 10m list i just cut and pasted the DS list. In another few weeks ill go over whos active and whos not from wowprogress and trim from there. Especially when the 2nd raid comes out b/c then ill technically be updating 4 and eventually 6 lists when the third comes out. Personally i wish more people posted here. A dargon kill is a dargon kill especially when done with friends and a guild and everyone should be proud of their kills without fear of being trolled by the "psuedo-pro-people" regardless of when or what they're slaying. I like these threads b/c it's our own lil haven for us PVE-heroes lol.

TBH b/c there only are a few guilds 25m wise giving them their own thread gives them better representation amongst the crowd especially since 25m's are near perpetually recruiting in one form or another.

As far as the O and - symbol 25mans sans maybe the top progressing guilds always have a lil trouble pushing forward with a solid 25m so this is kind of just an early expac anomaly. but again if the 10m list winds up shortening i probably will try and combine everyone.

Dude, I would give you a high five in real life If I could but here is a fake cookie. also gratz guys on 25 WotE
It's been about a month give or take so any guild that hasn't gotten a 25m kill by now I've moved over to the 10m thread until noted otherwise.
Elegon 25 down.....FINALLY!!!!
That boss gives me a headache.
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok 25 down.
Blade Lord Ta'yak 25 down.
Spirit Kings 25 and Imperial Vizier Zor'lok 25 down. Elegon and Will both downed on 10man.
Will of the Emperor 25 down. =)
We killed Garalon and Wind Lord Mel'jarak in 10's.

Don't want to talk about 25's.
We killed Garalon and Wind Lord Mel'jarak in 10's.

Don't want to talk about 25's.

KSP has a tendency to report late and for some reason my wowprogress is down so i'm going to wait till later to figure out who got the kills first.

Here's to hoping they separate the 10 and 25m lockouts.
NS killed Zor'lok
Garalon 25 down.
Wind Lord Mel'jarak 25 down.
Amber-Shaper Un'sok 25 down.
Blade Lord Ta'yak 25 down.
Grand Empress Shek'zeer 10 down.
Elegon down on 25 for Absolute.
Grand Empress Shek'zeer 25 down.
Heroic Stone Guard 25 down.
Heroic Feng the Accursed 25 down.

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