(10M) Guild Progression(MOP Updated)

Emerald Dream
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Let it be known that After Hours got server first heroic spirit kings and will of the emp, good going guys!
I would like a correction, back when dragonsoul was still current content and the only raid left for cataclysm. Aeturnas Trinitas clear all the way up to spine of deathwing heroic. And for MOP we have cleared all of Vaults and are now working on heart of fear.
Won't be updating anymore
<A> <Immoral> is 1/6 HoF as well.
GL in stuff guys
<Ewrb> Downed GES - Grand Empress Shek'zeer

and uh Prot - Protectors of the Endless
The Päck downed stone guard tonight
Memory Leak 6/6 MSV 6/6 HoF 3/4 ToE
Violent Apathy
6/6 MSV
2/6 HoF
0/4 ToES

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